[Eve] What Next?

Evenings in New Eden have seen a lot of activity from the pilots of INQ-E recently.   Ten-man fleets are becoming commonplace and the diversity of our activities has been very enjoyable and very rewarding.   We spent some time in Null, we have had a steady string of Grav sites and have hauled in so much ore we have not only filled the Corp POS holds to overflowing, but it has started spilling over into Weezi’s POS hanger as well, and that is in danger of capping out…  We have been running combat sites non-stop and even have had a bit of time to pew pew in LoSec or the other wormhole connections that have spawned.  We now run Ore Refinery, Gas Reactions, Invention, BPC Research, Ammo Production, and are producing T2 Modules inside the hole….

Busy, profitable, and fun, and the conversation every night turns to ‘whats next?’


This is a natural evolution as the pilots get more proficient, more capable and more comfortable with wormhole life.   It has become second nature for most of us, scanning, exploration, defence, precautions, ISK harvesting…  it all just sort of happens.   It used to be nothing happened without SynCaine leading the charge, but as a group we have evolved and now there are multiple pilots who can get things going if the CEO isn’t around.

So what is next?

Well, we have options for sure, but when the discussions happen there is definitely a lot of differing opinions about where to go from here.   SynCaine mentioned last night that if it was easy to move, we would move ASAP into a C3/ C3 static and ride that out until we were C5 ready, but alas, it’s not easy and the gain is too small to justify the extraordinary logistical effort necessary to move.   Others have suggested C4/C2 Static because the C2 has a high probability for a High Sec connection plus adds something for solo or duo pilots to do, and opens a good PvP door.   Still others want to go straight to a C4/ C3 static which gives us a much higher profitability margin over our current system, without a massive increase in difficulty.   We have our home C4 to work, but also always a C3 connection for PvP, exits and C3 strength Sleeper Sites.  A C4/C4 is also an option, though not one that has been floated much…

Then there is the option to join other corps in a Wormhole Alliance and tackle still bigger systems such as C5/ C5s or a C5/ C6, though this has an entirely different set of pros and cons.   On the plus side, the volume and difficulty level of content goes way up, the profits go way up, the PvP becomes much more organized and prevalent.  

On the (potential) downside, we lose a great deal of autonomy.   We go from stumbling through the learning process and ‘doing it ourselves’ to being inserted into an already running machine and ‘doing it this way.’   We open ourselves up to the risk of drama, collapse and default a la Narwals Ate My Duck…  We become small fish in a big pond, rather than big fish in our own small pond.

I have a big appetite.   Like everything in gaming, I always want to push the envelope.   At a minimum I have been pushing for a C4/ C3 because anything smaller is just too small of a change to be worth the effort of moving.   I want to get to the C5 and C6 level, but we lack both the Capital ship pilots and simply enough pilots to work that angle on our own at this stage.   So do we recruit and build to that level?   Do we master the C4 level and then move again if we decide we want to further test ourselves?

These have been the discussions of the past few fleet coms.   While the discussions continue, there is no sence of urgency.   Everyone likes our current system.  We are making tons of ISK.   We are expanding our production capabilities and honing skills, and as we try to answer this question of ‘what next’ we have also started working on the skills we would need to make a move of any kind.   Most are burning towards or fleshing out their T3s, and those who can are building towards Carriers, Dreadnoughts and a Rorqual.   Fleets are starting to practice more professional and efficient techniques to prepare for harder content.   Progress is happening even as the future is discussed in lazy, undefined terms.

We are in no rush, and these are good problems to have.


Eve Note: If the idea of living in a wormhole interests you, contact me (Lord Cyndre) ingame or email me here.   We are always looking for a few good pilots to join our team.

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  1. Good, now I don’t have to write up a baseline.

    As for what’s next, I’ll have that answer ‘soon’.

  2. Haven’t played in a while but I have a 3-4 month old pilot I’d be interested in joining you with. Can’t afford the subscription though. Would I make enough with you guys to pay for a monthly PLEX plus some spending money?

    1. Thats a tough question to answer…

      You will GROSS way more ISK than is nessesary to purchase 1 PLEX per month, but what you NET is dependent on you.

      For example, if you want to buy a Tengu, you will need to shell out around a billion ISK to buy and fit it… If you lose a lot of ships, you’ll burn through your corp payouts pretty quick… If you decide to train for anything Capital related, several of the skillbooks cost 500M+ just for the book.

      So it is all about what you want to buy and how you manage your ISK.

      In addition, how quickly you can contribute to the wormhole operation and thus qualify for the weekly payouts, is dependent on your current skills and what you are willing to train for.

  3. I would say a C4 as beyond that from what I’ve read on other long term WH dwellers it’s a much higher increase in difficulty overall. I would say if you haven’t ever ready Penny’s blog over at Tigerears.org you may want to check it out as she’s quite a infamous WH dweller. If I remember she and Corp operated in a C4 for a very long time and eventually moved to a C5. Difficulty got much harder and I can’t exactly remember what happened to split the Corp but I did remember reading she and Fin deciding to move back to a C4. Her blog is a very detail good read and study on WH life and happening so could be worth the research to read. I think that all happened starting early last summer in time frame if not the previous as a starting point in reference.

    1. I read Penny’s blogs and have gone back and read all of Fin’s past writing as well. Its top notch stuff for sure. However, one corp’s drama/ issues does not translate to another imho so that element I am less concerned about.

      We **Know** we can not go to a C5/C5 as just a corp at this stage. We would need a massive recruiting push, then to train all those pilots, as well as all Tengu and/ or Carrier skilled pilots.

      We **Could** however, join an existing C5 alliance.

      The tl;dr of my post is basically:

      1) stay put
      2) c4 soonish then stay put
      3) c4 soonish + huge recruitment for future c5
      4) c5 now by joining others.

      1. Was searching for Penny’s blog posting for whatever its worth having spent the time doing so, since i knew it was quite a while back. It and was on blog post starting date October 29th 2010 and after.

    2. The drama was pretty much just a clash of expectations. I ended up not being active because of corporate operations overriding the individual, which is perfectly fine but wasn’t how I wanted to play.

      Our sister system is still in a C5 and going strong. We just splintered off to a C4.

  4. Drat. I finally convinced myself I don’t need to invest the time to give EvE another try. Now I have to start all over. /shakefist!

    It just sounds like such a huge commitment, and I have so many games I’m already not playing as much as I’d like…

    1. Get in to a fair-sized and fairly relaxed corporation and the myth that EVE Online is a big commitment pretty much disappears. The hardcore are hardcore, whatever the game, and you’ll have a hard time keeping up with them anywhere, but players can still participate by dipping in and out, as long as the environment suits them.

      Jump in, scout, shoot some PvE content, tackle an enemy or provide some DPS, mine some ore, do some logistics, or just spin your ship and chat. The addition of the skill queue has even gone quite the way to not needing players to log in frequently.

  5. Just a small point: all class 3 w-space systems have a static connection to k-space, either high-, low-, or null-sec. Any w-space connections are random spawns and won’t automatically reappear, so you won’t see a C3/C3.

    And, whilst I’m here, class 4 systems never connect to k-space. The converse holds too, with k-space never connecting to C4s. If you move in to a C4 you will have to pass through at least one more system to perform k-space logistics, and a C4/C4 will mean at least two systems to pass through.

    C5 systems, however, can get incoming and random outbound wormholes to k-space, so although the danger and threat is higher, and you still have a potentially unpredictable chain of space through the static wormhole, you will occasionally get lucky and have a direct connection to k-space to use.

  6. This blog looks interesting, i think i’ll stay here a while and read what u got to say! And good luck in New Eden!

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