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With the next beta weekend event upcoming, I must confess that I bollixed some feedback last time. ArenaNet is using a system you probably know from other betas: when you finish a heart or event, you get a pop-up asking you to rate it on a few scales (with a comment box). Get that feedback now before the players forget, move on, etc. For me, the problem arose with stacked content. Early on in charr lands, and surely elsewhere, there is an event taking place on a heart, so participating in the event also fills the heart (at the junkyard, in this case). I completed both at once. I did not realize I had two stacked pop-ups until I cleared the first one and realized I was not sure what I just gave feedback on. It was two completions, and I think an achievement or two, plus some enemies still running around, plus whatever normally happens in that heart, plus all that loot to grab before “how long do I have to loot?” and do I need to salvage to make pack space, plus people to rez, and I may have leveled. I need a couple of minutes to decompress after that many things happen at once in a new game, and I have multiple feedback windows in the sky and glittering things on the ground. Aaagh!

: Zubon

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  1. Quite a lot of the feedback I sent was “I have given the most neutral mark available because I was not aware that I had participated in this content”.

    I had that box pop up umpteen times asking me for opinions on things that, as far as I knew, I hadn’t done.

    1. This, there were a couple times I din’t even know that an event was around. And judging the “impact on the world” is almost impossible except for a few completely obvious cases where the change clearly happens on your screen, while you’re looking at your screen.

  2. Yeah, with a billion people competing in things I would just run in, get a completion medal, have no idea what was going on and just close it out. They say everything was ramped up to respawn faster and pop more often for the beta. I think “More bears!” for the bear stampede thing was the only feedback I sent.

  3. The only time I ran into problems with feedback was during PvP. I had to rush to fill it out because it would disappear between matches. I think I even gave feedback on giving feedback at one point (on a general feedback form.)

  4. I was often uncertain what to say about the hearts/events (sometimes they were stand-out good or bad, but usually it was just, eh, satisfactory content, I’m only level 3 after all). What I did think was a very good idea – and spent a fair bit more time on – was the request for feedback at level 10, looking back over the experience so far.

  5. I’ll be the first to admit that some of the feedback i gave was rushed due to wanting to keep up with what was going on. The accuracy of my responses didn’t do the game justice.

  6. I’m not sure the feedback forms are that worthwhile at least in the beginning, needed to work out the criteria of what makes a good and bad event by playing and experiencing several, and found it hard trying to focus on that one thing I am giving feedback on when there are new and unknown things popping into view at the same time. Thinking things will seem calmer and more obvious next weekend.

  7. The only thing I repeatedly asked for (as I spent most of the last BWE making new characters) was to have a choice of starting weapon. Not once was I handed a weapon in the tutorial area that I actually wanted to use and it made playing through them less interesting and when getting into the real world less actionful as I would have to immeadiately go shopping AND have to start unlocking skills all over again (doubly bad for the Elementalist who has to unlock skills individually for each element.) Something like a biography choice asking what weapon best reflects your characters style or an npc with free weapons at the start. It wouldn’t really break flow either, having a human soldier or charr commander tell you to take up arms, or a norn huntsman letting you choose the best tool for the job makes perfect sense.

  8. Only problem I had with the feedback form was the point “Effect on the world”, as that is something you won’t see immediately after an event, but only a minute later. Having the window remain open for a minute before giving informed feedback is not something most people are going to do, so the results of that question are most likely going to be completely useless.

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