[Eve] The J221447 Contract

The residents of the C3 were beset upon all sides by the invasion forces of Cockroach Industries.   The large Amarr Tower had been brought online while they slept, and before they could stage a resistance, the found themselves out-manned, outgunned and under siege in their own home.   With nowhere to run, and the last shreds of hope fading, they reached out to the skilled wormhole mercenaries of Surely You’re Joking to see if there was anything that could stop the invasion…

Within the hour, our fleet was formed and burning through HiSec to the static wormhole entrance to lay siege to the invaders, and expel them from our client’s home system.

As you know, INQ-E has been mulling over our future as of late, and rather suddenly the word was given this week that we were moving from our C3 and joining our former adversaries, turned allies in their C5.   Pell Helix and the crew of Surely You’re Joking have featured in several of our wormhole tales in the past, and now in an exciting twist we have joined the alliance and are in the midst of the logistical nightmare that is moving.

With the ink still wet on our Alliance contract, Pell called us into action and without even time to properly fit my Drake for the situation, I found myself in a unfamiliar fleet getting ready to do and see a host of things I have never done before!

As luck would have it, J221447 has a static HiSec, and the connection was a meager 8 jumps from my current position in K-Space which is ironically, in the middle of no-where, where I dumped my belongings after moving out that afternoon.    My first observation as I get staged with our fleet, is the level of organization present.   With no warning, and it somewhat late at night, we had more than fifty pilots prepared to engage on behalf of our client.   Little did I know, many and more were running logistical operations around K-Space as the plans unfolded, and still more were already inside the Target System scouting or mapping every inch of our destination.

As we jump in-system, the invaders recognizing their impending doom, flee before the ravaging onslaught of the Surely You’re Joking fleet, and our clients join up and the fleet continues to swell as we move into position to dismantle the enemy Tower.   In hilarious fashion, the clients have a few capital ships in-system which they do not fly, nor have fits for, so our Fleet Commanders were discussing fits and running Industrials from Jita while we rolled the static to get a favorable hole to shuttle in the Capital ammo and modules.

By the time we had disabled the Warp Disruption POS modules, ‘our’ Naglfar Dreadnought was fitted and on the field blasting the enemy tower.  We also commandeered a Chimera Carrier and moved it to a safe in the event the invasion fleet returned to defend their tower after the Stontium was depleted and the tower exited Reinforce mode.  After a few hours of POS Bashing, we dropped it into Reinforce at the precise time to allow for our Fleet to be at full strength 27 hours later, thereby ensuring our eventual victory and our clients peaceful return to Wormhole System security.

Fast forward to last night, a few hours prior to the scheduled conclusion of this endeavor.

Pell is scouting the Target System in his cloaked Loki, and discovers a new K162 wormhole that leads to a Class 5, home of our enemies Future Corps of the alliance Sleeper Social Club.   These guys are skilled combat pilots and as they shuttle their cargo through the Target System to HiSec, they of course notice the Reinforced Tower and make their own plans to drop in and slaughter whatever fleet will be bashing this tower in a few short hours…

In comedic fashion, Pell lays the ground work for a classic cat and mouse game, and we call for reinforcements from our allies in the Exhale. alliance, who coincidentally have a HiSec exit from their home system, just 4 jumps from our Target System.   At this stage we have about 25 logged off inside waiting…  another 25 in HiSec staged a few jumps away, myself and a few others scouting for the SSC fleet in the neighboring systems and Exhale. with 18 sitting on the inside of their K162 waiting for the signal…

As the Control Tower exits reinforce, Pell commands the locals to begin shooting as if they are the attacking fleet, and on cue, the T3 heavy attackers take the bait…  As they warp in to decimate our clients, the hammer and anvil come crashing down with righteous fury, and we slaughter them in glorious fashion.   I managed to kill two guardian logistics ships, and four strategic cruisers before the field runs completely red with the blood and tears of the Sleeper Social Club.

After looting their corpses, we got back to the job at hand and dismantled the Tower we were hired to expel.   We clean up the remaining enemies ships, roll the current holes to prevent a return, return their Capital Ships to their POS and collect payment from our clients, before heading back to HiSec.   The most fun I have had in Eve to date…  and I was paid to do it!




15 thoughts on “[Eve] The J221447 Contract”

  1. Now THAT’s an MMO. Can anyone claim to have an experience like that in another MMO?

  2. I am glad to have been part of that op and I have to say. Because of SYJ, I have found a whole different side of eve I never expected. These types of things happen more than you can imagine.

  3. See now this is the EVE I want to play but both times I’ve tried the game I’ve had no support and no direction.

    Cyndre are you taking recruits to train into killing machines?

    1. Yes and no… In theory we are accepting new recruits, but we are on a bit of a freeze while we get the logistics of our Move into the C5 sorted and get the pilots we do have settled into the Alliance.

      Go ahead and apply but expect to wait a bit before anything happens either way, right now.

      1. Thanks, I’ll need to reaquaint myself with the game at any rate. Any training queue suggestions?

        1. T2 Shield Tanked Drake. That lets you do anything in the game by and large. Worry about T2 guns last, first get your tank and support skills to 4, then fitting skills to 5 then guns.

  4. That’s beautiful, man. What a fabulous, interlinking story to have been a part of.

    And Future Corps are skilled? I suppose it must take some skill to get more pilots than your targets.

  5. “We were approached earlier the day with the promiss/outlook of a huge brawl ( 40-70 hostiles blablabla ) and left with heads down in shame when we actually saw what you brought to the field.” – Exhale member.

    Next time use proper intel & fight us yourselves please, it may have been a good fight & all! Despite this I’m glad you’re enjoying w-space & I hope to cross lazorz with you soon ;)

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