[Eve] The Welcome Wagon

So you want to live in a Wormhole?

Well, lucky for you we’re the W-Space Welcome Wagon!

High Sec is thataway

PRO TIP: If you are moving into a wormhole, you need to do the following things…

1) Don’t fly all 5 Billion ISK of your possessions into the undefended system in a freighter.

2) Scout the system…  see those combat probes?  Ya, that means The Welcome Wagon is in system with you, waiting to deliver your brownies.

On second thought, if the first two tips weren’t obvious, the rest won’t help you, and you should go back to mining HiSec Asteroid Belts.


5 thoughts on “[Eve] The Welcome Wagon”

  1. Hollllllllllllllllly crap. They seriously just flew THAT on in without so much as peeking first to see if the place was full of hooligans like you? :-}

    How much of that booty did y’all get to keep? :D

    1. The alliance got everything highlighted in green.

      Sadly I was in hisec when this happened and didn’t get to help kill these guys.

  2. I just don’t get how you’re able to acquire all that shit, the knowledge it takes to know you need that shit, and still don’t know not to do something like that.

  3. Wow…just…wow. I’m admittedly fairly newbish at EVE (after having just come back after a 2 year haitus), but that would seem like common sense. That guy had more in his cargo hold than I’ve ever owned in the game.

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