While I have been on the road, the most important event in gaming history happened: “Meet the Pyro” is now live. I think it’s the balloonicorn that really clinches the deal, and you can buy a real one (it looks like it comes with a code for a virtual one).

Seriously, watch the video, even if you don’t play TF2.

: Zubon

9 thoughts on “Pyromania”

  1. Definitely the second-best Meet The… video, right after Meet the Medic.

  2. I’ve never played TF2, but watched the video just as you told me. I don’t regret it. That guy is awesome! :D

  3. $30 for a blow up doll…that I cant even have SEX with?!

    No thanks.

    The video was kinda a let down, I thought.

  4. Awesome

    That my kind of pyro, they should add a way to play with what he really see ;)

        1. There’s a “misc” item you get that you have to equip that puts you in pyrovision. it’s not a drastic change but it’s cute. Log in this week to get one free, or dominate someone wearing them later on.

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