[GW2] Satiation Point

After wandering around for a while, you know what? I’m good. I could take this zone to 100% or try another few, but as a likely player of Guild Wars 2, I’m set until launch. I’m content to break at this point.

As a buyer, I am happy with the state of the game. It is obviously incomplete, notably the two missing races and the late game, but the content I have seen is in an enjoyable, playable state. A rather harsh judge commented that it was “good enough” two months ago. I could comfortably start playing now, with a solid commitment that the intended launch content will not become DLC, although I think the mass market would explode with shouts of “FAIL!” if the game launched with this much missing, to say nothing of the howls that would come from post-launch rebalancing on the needed scale.

As a tester… I’m not much of a tester. While ArenaNet really is treating this as testing, I mostly gave up betas years ago. I could try a buggy, poorly balanced version of content (not so bad, here) I’d be repeating shortly after anyway, or I can just wait for launch. I have other games I can play while I wait.

It’s been a good little time. I’ll poke at the next BWE to see what has changed, but mostly I’ll just look forward to August.

: Zubon

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  1. Funny, I thought exactly the same. Was planning to let a friend use my account for the last beta or something.

  2. Two missing races? Asura and sylvari will be at BW3 and I am planning play an asura, because I want play sylvari guardian at launch.

  3. So because you havent seen the “late game” it doesnt exist? I think this post is about a month too late

    1. It’s true. I wrote it about a month ago and hadn’t posted it.

      And yes, anything you can’t play right now is vapor until you can actually play it. Pick your canceled product of choice.

      1. That you aren’t playing it doesnt mean it isnt there. That stuff is being played right now. You can look up videos on Youtube of the Asura/Sylvari starting areas if you like. Given the recent video from 2 of Arenanets devs (note: not some clown in white sunglasses shilling ideas the devs didnt have in the game), its confirmed there are 8 dungeons currently and an entire end game zone.

  4. Only reason I’m going to log on to BWE3 is to mess with sylvari and asura character creation. Otherwise, yeah, I can wait for the launch!

  5. Yeah I was thinking of sticking to WvW for most of BWE3. Don’t want to spoil the Sylvari stuff for release.

  6. Me and my friends are thinking the same thing. We rushed through the early zones to check out Ascalonian Catacombs, but this next weekend we’re just gonna roll Sylvari and chill. I’m also excited to see what performance improvements have been made – the game is still painfully stuttery on my laptop.

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