Three items to note for you on Kickstarter:

Have you seen The Gamers? There are two movies, and the creators have taken to Kickstarter to fund the third. I hadn’t realized they also had a series, so I must check out JourneyQuest. I pledged.

If you liked Defense Grid, would you like to support Defense Grid 2? Defense Grid: the Awakening is an enjoyable tower defense game. The million-dollar, “fund the whole sequel” stretch goal seems out of reach, but they are most of the way to the first goal. I pledged.

And in our MMO world, Shadowrun Online is seeking funding. I’m not sure what it means that the MMO is going for $500,000 and the smaller tower defense game is going for $1,000,000. Shadowrun seems to be planning to use every revenue model at once: having separate F2P and buy-the-box servers, plus “premium” subscriptions on the F2P server and selling quarterly expansions on the campaign server. The monetization plan, at least, is thorough. I’m not a backer, but I thought y’all might be interested in the project.

: Zubon

10 thoughts on “Kickstarting”

  1. You weren’t kidding, the Shadowrun project is extremely thorough in it’s monetization!

    Still, I can’t help but feel like Shadowrun would make a much better Sandbox than a Themepark.

  2. I think the Shadowrun payment model is an absolute masterstroke. I’ve never had much interest in Shadowrun – but I do now, since this is such a brilliant system.

    There seem to be two main types of MMO players:
    1) the people who don’t like P2P, but don’t mind microtransactions
    2) the people who don’t mind paying for content, but are worried about microtransactions

    With this model they’ll be hooking both – and, thus, making more money. Everybody wins! It’s rather mind-boggling that no-one has come up with this before – at least not the major MMOs I know of (there are some with similar systems, but I don’t think any have separate servers for different payment models).

    1. Three Rings has done that. See Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates for their green and blue servers with different payment models. They have been moving away from the subscription model, so I presume the F2P is a better deal for them.

    2. Personally I think Turbine’s heavy use of P2P and F2P on the same server is a much better option, especially when you want friends to join you. Isolating players based on how they want to play is less preferable, IMO.

  3. EQ2 tried severs with different payment models. It did not work out so well.

  4. LotRO’s model isn’t perfect, but it works quite well. Any game that emulates it should succeed – emulating half way, I’m not so sure. Splitting a community for any reason is a tremendous weakness, especially if the split is irrelevant to location or preference. RuneScape’s system is still hugely successful, and Guild Wars 2 is using something very similar. WoW’s server-bound model is looking more archaic every year, but this Shadowrun’s implementation looks downright loony.

    Ultimately utilizing f2p AND p2p looks greedy no matter how you spin it, and that’s a significant turnoff to investing any money in game for me.

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