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There’s a huge laundry list of tips over at Hunter’s Insight. I think it’s too much for a new player to digest, but it is a great list for players that have spent a good deal of time in beta already. There might be a few tricks that have been overlooked. I know for me auto-looting is going on as soon as possible at launch.

There’s one tip that is rightly at the beginning of the crafting section that I believe is critical to an MMO-efficient new player, such as the well-regarded readers of Kill Ten Rats. It reads to pick up tools as soon as possible, and here’s the critical part, because even if you’re not a crafter this is a good way to make money by putting them on the trading post.

I am not sure why every character does not get mail from ‘the crafting guild’ saying here’s a free tool to equip at the beginning of the game. Instead players-of-slight-knowledge notice resource nodes on their minimap. They go up to the resource node. Oh, it says if I press “F” I can collect it! WRONG, says the error message in curt, red response. Go back and buy tools. Instead of being so rudely awakened, dear reader, after you talk to the first scout in the real world (spyglass icon) go to the merchant and buy a complete set of tools.

Yes, gathering will be critical for crafting even later on. Might as well fill up the ol’ crafting tiller by right-clicking any basic material and instantly depositing it far away in the bank.

Yes, gathering gives players more experience points than an enemy kill. Might as well give the ol’ ticker a rest while hearing the peaceful clank of the pickaxe and progress before heading off towards the next scrum.

But wait, there’s more! Gathering will net players as much if not more gold per hour than any other activity. It’s just that unlike killing 3,000 steroidal centaurs and picking up their hooves, armaments, and other fancies to sell to the merchant, it’s not a constant activity.

In the Beta Weekend Event 3, copper ore was selling at 18 copper with buy orders at 15 copper. That means with one ore node a player received about half a silver! That’s not counting the chance for a socketable gem either.

The experience points coupled with the worth of running a few seconds out of the way for a few more seconds of gathering to get so much money is pretty big. In fact, it’s so big that I’m considering holding off on crafting just so I can feed the market all the lower-level crafting resources. And, I love crafting.

Also be sure to watch the market versus salvageable goods, which are obtained by killing things. This requires a bit more effort though than (a) gather, (b) right-click to sell, (c) profit. There will be some goods that drop as salvage goods meaning they are basically items meant to use a salvage kit on to refine them in to crafting goods, and weapons and armor are also salvageable.

For example, a bit of metal scrap is worth 6 copper, and might give 1-3 copper ore. Copper ore sells for 1 copper at the merchant, plus with the cost of salvaging the item (about 2 copper per use at its lowest). It’s better to just merchant the metal scrap… Unless, copper ore is worth three times more per ore than the bit of metal scrap on the market. Unlike gathering, there is a bit more less math gymnastics to balance requiring some market knowledge. Still, if that bit of metal scrap could be salvaged in to half a silver’s worth of… silver, it would be silly to just mulch the stuff right in to the merchant’s black hole hands. Salvage it and send it to the trading post as a default, and it is unlikely it will be at a loss.

With these small adjustments to the usual sell everything to the merchant because I am lazy, I know money problems will be much less an issue so I can buy shininess on the trading post or even gems. So go forth and gather!


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  1. I’m intrigued as to how the markets going to pan out come release. I’ve never played an MMORPG with resources accessible to all and so easily deposited. My fear is the earlier levels of crafting will be just buying resources off the market if they are in surplus as it would be easier than collecting it. I can’t even imagine how many resources are going to flood the marketplace…

  2. Not only do you have to go buy them, but you need 72 copper to do so if you want all three. I don’t think I’ve gotten that much out of the tutorials. I usually try to go back after my first renown heart and get my supplies but a couple times I did not remember to get them until I made it to the crafting hub a few levels further into the game.

    1. Good point. Well I would start with the mining pick for sure since plant gathering is likely going to be one of the lesser TP markets, and metal seems to be the highest.

      1. But there are more varieties of plants, and if people get into the chef discipline it looks like they’re going to need a lot of different stuff!

        1. certain ingrediants are only sold by karma vendors too, so good to keep note of which one sells what

  3. Since my approach to GW2 beta was largely “play as if this is Live”, I spent an inordinate amount of time gathering and crafting. It was my very strong impression that compared to other MMOs with similar mechanics (WoW, EQ2, Vanguard) GW2 offered far fewer resource nodes. Even when I was actively searching for them it was often several minutes between clearing a patch and finding the next.

    What I didn’t do much of was staying put and waiting for the respawn so I’m not sure how quick that is, but it’s certainly not instant. Also I thought that the big hit of XP only came on the first gather of each type of resource in a set period (maybe 24 hours, not sure). After that I didn’t notice that I was getting much xp from gatherng.

    I was mainly doing leatherworking so most of my “gathering” was done by killing creatures. That went much faster, as it does in every game.

    1. There are daily gatherer rewards, so that’ll be noticing the big hit of xp, but any gathering still nets you as much xp as killing 3 or so mobs. At least in the early game that is.

    2. Since every node is available to every player they can’t pack them in as much or respawn them as fast. In most MMOs your crafting choice and other players can reduce the nodes you can access.

      I heard that the rich nodes were daily respawns but I imagine the normal nodes might be faster.

    3. I had the opposite experience. I was overflowing in copper, gems, wood, etc. I was always starving for Jute (cloth) and leather. I actually went to grind out mob kills to get the precious Jute.

      I was an armorsmith (without a 2nd crafting profession) so you think I’d be starved for copper — nope Jute.

  4. These are great tips. Also taking in to account when people might most be interested in taking a break from levelling and just kicking back and crafting (end of first day?) will also affect when you’ll get the most for your crafting mats. For a really interesting look from the point of view of someone who made 100’s of gold just playing the market over a BWE weekend, check out the Tales of Tyria podcast from a couple weeks ago.

  5. I always found Copper Ore everywhere in the world. at the end of BWE3, i took all my copper ore and built as many as possible of Copper lingots. I went from 0 to 20 in crafting levels ! Same for wood. But it’s true that I am always looking for ore on the minimap while questing, and I love to go outside of beaten track where there are the most of ore. For exemple for norn, at the first “town” in starter area, where there is the craft station, there is something like 4- 5 copper ore juste outside on west.

  6. It’s probably going to be more fun not trying to min/max these things. There doesn’t appear to be any obvious reason why you need to get zillions of crafting materials within the first five minutes of playing the game.

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