[GW2] Because Sleep Is for Wimps in Lousy Time Zones

The Guild Wars 2 headstart begins Friday night … sometime. Servers go live at the strike of midnight, Pacific … or up to three hours earlier.

I don’t mind staying up until midnight or waking up at 3am so I can reserve my character names. I do object to needing to camp the login screen for those three hours.

If you’re a player committed to getting in first to grab that character name of your dreams you’ll want to be keeping an eye on things during that time period.

Can we get the name of the person who thought that was a good idea?

: Zubon

Update: servers actually went live exactly three hours early, at the stroke of 9pm PDT. And then I ended up staying up most of that time anyway, making characters and bouncing around the newbie zones.

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  1. I’ve been a huge fan of GW2 for quite a while, but I have no excuse for this move. At least we will be in good company while we wait, I suppose.

    1. I had a feeling they would start the servers early as they have done so for beta weekends, but I don’t know why they said so (and really wish they hadn’t.) I guess they knew that a) they would need to go online early, and b) players would have a hissy fit if they didn’t tell them in advance. They tend to be damned if they do or don’t so I guess it makes sense to error on the side of transparency.

  2. It’s been my understanding that they have been turning servers on early as a regular thing during beta weekends so I was expecting this, but I’m still not real happy with the plan. At least I feel no pressure to play, just grab the few names I want and come back to later on.

  3. While I understand the frustration if you are trying to claim a name. However, Anet did do what they could to help people reserve names.

    What I think they are trying to do is make sure that by the official launch time they are not fighting any error like the error 34 the plauged Diablo 3.

    I guess it’s the best options of a possibly bad situation. I’d rather they tell us what they are doing than having it catch me cold.

    I’m planning on having a lot of energy drinks on hand and watching the various livestream parties until launch.

    1. “While I understand the frustration if you are trying to claim a name. However, Anet did do what they could to help people reserve names.”

      They did what they could? How so?
      By introducing that joke a name reserve for their long-time GW1 customers, who get a lousy 24 hours come release to either reserve their old names or risk them being gone forever? Or by not having any name claims for their BWE players, who even bought an unfinished product full-price (and often even in the two (ridiculously overpriced) special editions), at all?

      They did not do what they could, they did what wanted to do and nothing more.

      I am, however, totally alright with the time the servers go online. For me, this means between 6 and 9 am, meaning I will probably be able to hop in before work, quickly throw some random characters together and reserve my names. After work, I’ll delete them one after the other, create proper characters and give them the now temporarily reserved names I claimed in the morning.

      1. Yeah, “what they could do” might include, say, a chance to reserve one single-word name with your pre-purchase.

  4. So much complaining about inconsequential matters. “First world problems” indeed.

    1. This is an MMO blog. All our problems, at least those that get aired here, are first world problems.

      Fair complaint if it’s important to you that you get certain character names. Old habits from GW1 mean that except for my sylvari and asura characters, all of mine will have two word names, which makes it MUCH less likely they will be taken (sometimes being a role-player makes things easier, heh).

      Of course for me midnight PDT is 7pm Saturday evening, so it’s actually damned convenient for me!

    2. Seriously. And then people complain about game balance, PvP ganking, and all these things about imaginary games. Reading these gaming blogs must be a continuous wave of horror and mockery for you. “Oh no, your imaginary people aren’t working as intended, whine whine whine!”

  5. there’s 2 reasons behind this good idea:

    #1: Spreading the load. If they said “game goes live at 12”, you have 100% of the ppl that want to play asap hitting the servers at the exact same time.

    if they say “It will happen between 9 and 12”, all those ppl will start hammering it at 9…and after a few minutes start only checking every few minutes. By the time they flip the switch at 10:26(for example), not everyone happens to hit it right that second and the whole thing goes a lot smoother.

    #2: Safety net. If they turn servers on at 9:22 and some unforeseen situation comes up that causes bugs or breakage, they still have 2 hours to fix it before ppl lose their shit about it not being ready on release.

    I know some ppl are worried about camping names, but honestly they should just come up with more unique names. you getting to rush a claim on “l33tKiller69” is just not as important as a smooth release for everyone.

  6. Our guild is looking at it as an opportunity to have a launch event.

    We are gathering in mumble to talk. Not one person among our 70+ thought the “up to three hours early” is a disaster.

    We’d like to claim names, but we’d certainly like the game to start and have a smooth launch.

  7. I spent most of the last 12 months taking all my character names from the same two novels by someone who is just ineffably brilliant at names and so far none of them has been taken. I guess not many MMO players read the same books as me :P

  8. Start anytime. Anytime now. Whenever you’re ready… five years waiting, 34-37 hours left. We’re waiting…

  9. I think it sucks more for Euros. I plan on not going to bed then collapsing once I’ve got my characters ready. They have to figure out whether to sleep or wake up at like 3 AM.

    1. Why should anyone in Europe wake up at 3am? Timezone ranges from 5am (London) to 9am (Moscow) headstart, and that is only if they start the maximum of 3h early. OK, if you need 2h to get out of bed you might set your alarm to 3am, but otherwise, I see no reason to.

  10. Ugh, yeah. Another reason I’m flipping over MMOs — they expect the world to revolve around them.

    Sadly, for many players the world does revolve around their games.

  11. The one thing I find a bit odd is that surely it would be less painful for Arenanet to bring the servers online during business hours?

    Monday morning launch (in their timezone), imho. It would put at least some brakes on the load since a lot of people would be at work or school. It would be less stressful for their staff. Why midnight?

    (note: my personal stake in this is that actually the current plan is fantastic for me. Being in Australia, the headstart should come online mid Saturday afternoon for me – great!!)

  12. I don’t understand the midnight launch myself. I’m mostly disappointed because it’s really a 3 AM launch for the EST zone.

    I’ve given up on getting my 1-word names. I couldn’t even get them during the BWEs when starting 20 minutes early! There’s no way I’m getting them at launch.

    Luckily there’s the GW1 name reservation which is a great way to reward their previous customers.

    1. Were the names you were going for references or something (things that other people were likely to want), or just names? I’m just curious. I’ve only been denied a one word name once, and that was making a character quite late in that round of testing. My names are all original and relatively unlikely to be taken, though.

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