Comedy and Bouncing

Guild Wars 2 worked beautifully at launch. I had a couple of disconnects, but the game seemed to run perfectly even with 40 people escorting an NPC.

Right now, servers are down and have been since I woke up. Either the marketing people are there and bored or they pre-scheduled something, because I just received an e-mail encouraging me to join the headstart, buy Guild Wars 2, and start playing now! Bad timing, there.

While you wait, this is Jumping Line, a platformer with no buttons.

: Zubon

11 thoughts on “Comedy and Bouncing”

  1. On the upside, I 1) have no regrets about getting up at 5 AM today, 2) can actually get things done today!

  2. I played from 1 am until 5 am, no problems. I know some people were having problems with connectivity, but I had no problems. Now, morning, after 5 hours of sleep, game is down.


  3. Ah! At least now I know the game itself is down. I had a heck of a time getting in but once there I managed three hours this morning, during which everything ran perfectly. Then I ran up a ramp in Black Citadel and found myself back at desktop and that was nearly three hours ago.

    I was getting paranoid it was just me. Misery does indeed love company.

  4. I’d like to know if this is related in any way to my apparent inability to purchase the game from the official “buy the game” page.

    Tried two different cards and it gives me the same invalid error.

      1. Grah. A message of some sort on the actual website would’ve been nice, so I don’t end up wondering just wth is up.

  5. I stayed up and was able to logon at about midnight EDT. It was smooth, looked even better than it did in the betas, and I also got to reserve my character names etc. There were a few connectivity problems and an occasional CTD, but overall it was good. I had to rack out around 3:30 AM EDT and it seemed fine, if a touch glitchy for a release title.

    I didn’t get my GWAMM title nor any of the prepurchase bonuses other than the hero’s headband. I also still couldn’t effectively group with my guild and was getting thrown into overflow servers which had zerg mobs far larger than the primary servers but I figured that would all get worked out at some point. The game itself is strong. GW2 really scared their competitors – look at all of the competing bonuses offered by WoW and others (even Mass Effect!) to try to keep people away from GW2. Now it seems they’ve done it all by themselves.

    As of the time I write this, the wiki has been down for more than 24 hours, the GW2 game servers are down, even GW1 is down. Their FB and Twitter say they are working on it, of course, but the people who reserved this weekend for the early access and who made their plans to enjoy the game during the early access are losing irreplaceable time.

    The time for working all of these problems out was over the LAST FIVE FREAKING YEARS a number of closed betas and three major open betas.

    The window for calling this a “glitch” or “launch pain” is closing. Sooner or later people will get really angry and GW2 will lose huge amounts of goodwill from their most dedicated fans. That would be kind of tragic, so I sincerely hope they get the problem solved in the immediate future.

  6. I have to admit – I’m *very* impressed with the engine they are using.

    1. Never slows down even with dozens of people on the screen spamming stuff.

    2. Even when my fps drops low – it never *feels* like it in game – it is handling the missed frames *without* interrupting my movements and staying responsive – that’s *huge* and it is a big advantage over other MMOs that previously only WoW had.

    3. The graphics are gorgeous.

    I don’t like having only 5 character slots … but other than that – from a ‘never played GW1 – came to see what the fuss was about’ experience has been overwhelmingly positive.

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