I’d love to buy GW2…

…but apparently I can’t.

– The “buy guildwars 2” page on the official site does not like me. Tried two different cards, says they are invalid. Tried through paypal, and “there was an error” (linked cards or transfer from my bank account – didn’t matter, same error).

– Tried through DLgamer (which I have never used, but it’s listed as a digital retailer). They did not like one of my cards, no idea why, but took the other. Success! Or… not. Got an email from them saying, and I quote… “It seems something has gone wrong during the payment and order has been cancelled”. Fantastic. Now I got a pending charge on my card for 55 bucks that should either clear, or post and be returned sometime next week.

– NC Soft’s page just redirects me to the Buy Guild Wars 2 page, so what’s the use.

– There are more retailers listed for digital download but you’ll excuse me if I don’t wanna expose myself to more “things going wrong” and end up with a bunch of charges that “should be credited” sometime in the future.

Why isn’t this on Steam again? It’s only the most anticipated launch of the year. I wanna play (or at least buy it, I don’t care about the headstart really), but I can’t.

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  1. Same here. Bought it today (aug 25th 1pm) from guildwars2.com
    Their whole webpage lagged but after my purchase it said “Error”, but it also said I should’ve gotten a receipt to my email (which I haven’t got yet) AND money has been drawn from my bank account.
    I have no idea what to do, as GW2’s support is really shitty.

    1. Their support is not shitty at all. It’s just completely overloaded right now, like everything else GW2 related.

  2. If you don’t mind about the headstart, there’s always Gamestop. I’m sure they have plenty of copies.

  3. I noticed some pre-order boxes at Fry’s the other day. And Best Buy has it as well. The login servers were all borked for hours this morning so I think they are having serious issues all things Arenanet right now.

    Oh and you do want to buy it…such a fun game

  4. It’s not on Steam because of the gem store. Steam wants all extra transactions to be done through its own system, not in-game.

  5. I had it worse. It looked like the sale went through, and it said a confirmation email would arrive in my inbox. It hasn’t (checked spam folders, etc). Don’t want to try again until I find out if I’ve already paid for it.

  6. I got two copies from greenmangaming.com It was a simple transaction, and got the key as soon as the checkout was completed. Plus, at the time they had a 20% off sale, so I got it at a great deal, too.

  7. From the Twitter feed:


    Experiencing problems purchasing from the website? We are aware of those issues and working on it. We appreciate your understanding.

  8. Ugh. I actually plan on buying a box, because I don’t care about the head start and it’s the only way I can get a paper manual, etc. Usually I don’t care, but with this I do.

  9. Well, I’m having my own fiasco with ArenaNet. The Guild Wars 2 page automatically linked the wrong Guild Wars 1 account to my new account.

    What did “customer support” say?

    “Sorry about your luck, we can’t change anything. Go buy another copy.”

    This is fraud, by the way.

    1. How did it automatically link the wrong account? I remember having to put the account information in manually. (I’m not saying you’re lying or just screwed up or anything like that. I’m just curious how it happened.)

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