[GW2] All There in the Manual

Many people have wondered how those combo attacks work in GW2, because something is apparently doing something in all those explosions during the event. Conveniently, the GW2 manual was posted and has a section on combo attacks. It says almost nothing and recommends experimenting. (If you are reading this in 2016, and that link gets a third sentence, hello people of the future!)

The wiki, as expected, actually explains things, and does so in a beautifully simple table with links to what skills create those combos. (If you are reading this in late 2012, and the wiki is reliably available after the crushing launch week traffic, hello people of the future!)

This explains all those “Area Healing” pop-ups during that “fight the champion giant” event.

: Zubon

6 thoughts on “[GW2] All There in the Manual”

  1. Haha! The wiki link didn’t work, so it must not be the future yet. :)

    I love the concept of combos, but I have seemed to run across them randomly. If I see a wall of fire, I’ll run and start shooting through it… but there’s no visual indicator or list of combos performed and explained, so I have no idea if anything actually worked or not.

    1. You should see a grey heart symbol appear with text saying what the combo does, projectiles have only a 20% chance to trigger a combo.

      Many (all?) classes can combo their own skills together, working that out is the first step to figuring what is going on with the system, and then trying to work those into your rotation.

    2. Any skill that can combo says so in the description. You’ll notice in projectiles most of the time it’ll say something like “20%.”

      I’ve enjoyed fiddling with it and have found a nice mini combo with flame turret’s smoke screen and my pistol throws around enough aoe blindness to save my bacon.

  2. Oh, the things I could tell you about the nerfs since 2012! But there are rules and in 2016, we’re not allowed to mess with the past (much).

  3. There needs to be a graphics option to turn down other’s spell effects. Right now all the large-scale combat I’m just looks like a bright flashing ball of color in which I’m tab-targetting like crazy and hoping I actually hit something.

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