[GW2] Quality of Life Improvements Since Beta

I am sure there are more, but I was too busy playing to note them all. Feel free to contribute your own. It flows quite nicely. Not new, but there is a special joy from every person you tell about the “Deposit All Collectibles” button.

: Zubon

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  1. Specifically weapon unlocks scale with level, presumably taking less time the higher you are…which would explain why water feels particularly fast since you generally have a few levels under your belt by then.

    1. Yes, that was especially pleasent to notice. When my ranger was lvl 15, I noticed that I had not used a shortbow until then and wanted to unlock the skills for completionist’s sake. Very great to see it took only one kill per skill.

      1. In typically perverse fashion, I thought this had been improved because it had been slowed down! Presumably that’s because I was looking at it at a very low level and it scales as mentioned above.

        I really, really wish they would put in sliders for all progression-related elements of MMOs, going from zero to whatever they want to set as a maximum. I sent feedback in beta that I felt progression in almost every aspect was too fast and I still think it’s whizzing by too quickly for me to appreciate it. I certainly don’t expect everyone else to slow down to the ambling stroll I prefer, but I can’t see why I shouldn’t be able to set my own pace.

        Other than that, though, most of the changes I’ve noticed I like.

        1. Well, but that’s typical for the Guild Wars franchise. You just don’t spend ages grinding up ranks, skills or levels, that’s just not the dev’s philosophy. Personnally, I’m glad about that.

          “No necessary grind” was what they told us from the very beginning of the development, so one could’ve seen that one coming. :p

  2. I am very happy at this stage of he game. I had problems with login server on the first day of headstart but I was expecting it.

    I have only one thing that bugs me and left me waiting for a fix now. The overflow problems.

    When you are in overflow, you are homeless. You get no buffs from your home world. The game puts you back in your home world when a spot opens if you wait long enough but every change resets that. Thats means no zoning, no personal story, no disconnects. My server was constantly full and up to now I spent one third of my total time in my home world at best. And if you are with a friend that you can forget about home world altogether. If you want to group you are always in overflow. At least this was what I experienced.
    And meeting friends in high/full servers is still not smooth. Maybe its just me but the only way I found to consistently play with my friend was to group with him while we are in the same zone, then find which one of us can join in other, and have that person zone out then zone back in before trying to join in. Add this the first day problems and every disconnect meant we had to do this all over again. After first couple of times my friend got bored and decided to play solo until this is fixed.

    For the record; I do not suggest that overflow is not working and we were better without it. I think it is working very good. I much prefer to be online in the game instead of waiting in queues.

    I just still want be connected (be a part of) to my home world. For me this hurts my immersion.

    I am hoping ANet has plans to fix this and not just wait for a month to see how the servers will be when Wow pandas come to play.

    All in all my time in GW2 at last weekend was very enjoyable, and I cant wait to get back in. After years of grind based gameplay of wow, I find GW2 took me back to my EQ days where I did not cared so much about leveling efficiency or equipment and just did what I felt like, and had fun.

    1. You know where I really felt like the overflow wasn’t working right? Every time I went into a personal story instance. Even if it was just for a few minutes, I’d be kicked back into the overflow again.

  3. I have noticed that when you use Waypoints in, say, Divinity’s Reach, there is no longer a hideous load time. Provided you’re just going to a different Waypoint in the city, the transition is basically instant.

    Also, I’m glad that Arena.net jumped onto the problem of the HoM teleport stone so quickly. As much of a pain as it was to FINDING the NPC that had it for sale, it was still better than, “Welp, the first character you made can’t get to the HoM.”

    And even though it has been said already, Deposit All Collectibles and Bank Access at the crafting table. Possibly the best thing ever. My Guild Master was all kinds of excited by those.

  4. “You can access the bank from crafting stations.” …was in BW3.

    “More merchants with harvesting tools, including one more or less the moment you exit the tutorial.” …have been there from the start, or at least BWE2 (except for the Sylvari & Asura ones, natch). The bartender in the Shaemoor inn, the merchant in the Wayfarer Foothills just down the road where the trading post is, the merchant just to your right as you come out into Smokestead Village, and just ahead of you when you start in Metrica Province. The Sylvari merchant’s a little harder to spot, north and west a little from the start, under a leafy tent…

  5. Yes, not being one-shot by the boss was a great feeling. I felt like I actually helped with the fight then, not just let the NPC do all the work, and then I took all the credit.

    Also, the intro area was toned down and all waypoints and markers were removed. This was very confusing in beta when the map would point me to a random area, but when I got there, there would be nothing to do, and nothing would happen.

    I LOVE being able to drop crafting materials into my bank directly from my inventory, also the ability to equip one of each type of harvesting implement is great, too (and the no stealing of others nodes… fantastic… but that’s always been there).

    I played in beta, but I forget if some of the things I mentioned were in there or not all along. In any case, they’re awesome additions to the game, and I feel like it’ll be hard to play other games without these luxuries. :)

  6. You can also see tooltips for all the skills in a slot now, was happy to see all the different skill descriptions for my mesmer right away.

  7. If a mesmer has three illusions out and creates a fourth, it will replace clones before replacing phantasms.

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