Dear Bookah

Dear Bookah. You bookahs don’t waypoint here anymore; I’ve noticed that this year, you seem to shun the place. Maybe it’s the genius of the asura coupled with our sheer force of unbridled will to tame this tarnished coast. Perhaps it’s me. When he first travelled here, Drojjenny wrote that the jungles were filled with the chaos of magic and life and bookahs seeking the druids lived in this jungle. A hundred years later, even they have departed.

Reading Drojjenny by the phosphorescence of ordosidereal gate-byproduct. He emerged straight from the jungle, followed the path to Rata Sum, and demanded proof of genius. He did not find the hylek prayer ground. He did not find the savant’s data. I think this is why his understanding of the Metrica Province is flawed, incomplete. He viewed the Province again from the top of Rata Sum and only wondered momentarily how to descend from the accolades. But then, he didn’t have my reasons.

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