[GW2] Creating Community by Serving Crow

The other day on Reddit’s Guild Wars 2 page, a discussion was had about a Guild Wars 2 Guru forum thread about the three-day bannings regarding names and speech. Most of the smarter comments with people that wrote like they knew what they were talking about seemed to suggest that there was little difference between a stonewall ban using form letters and writing a personal “This is why you were banned” letter. I tended to agree.

ArenaNet decided that it would be better to air some dirty laundry. The effect? It appears that they are reinforcing how they want their community to be, and people appear to be rallying behind them in force. I won’t reiterate them here, but a few are absolutely golden. The way ArenaNet presents them is so deadpan. “Name: OK Chat: Not OK [some horrible thing where your mother would slap you until you bled].

I realize that different people have different jobs. For instance the valiant(s) behind ArenaNetSupportTeam are not the people fixing the Trading Post. Still, I was initially amazed that they could spend the time checking into people’s accounts, and responding so publicly. Hopefully what this really does is give a few more people pause before making a character based on something crass.

At the same time, ArenaNet Zeus, Mike O’Brien made sure to clear the air that the first player to reach level 80 did so with ArenaNet’s good graces. It’s interactivity like these that makes me an ArenaNet fan. I can’t wait until the Guild Wars 2 forums open up. I expect a lot of good developer interaction.


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  1. Well, I for one am not laughing. I wasn’t permabanned for the name (I guess), as the name of my character is named Roan Dent De Suie (Roan Soot Tooth in English, I’m playing in French), but was permabanned yesterday, and I still don’t know why.

    Apparently I’m not the only one if you look at that reddit post, and my password is secure (10+ random characters including numbers letters and special characters).

    Changed my password to 20+ random characters, but I’m still waiting for an answer from support (got an automated one not relevant to problem).

    1. Can you log in to account.guildwars2.com anymore? Might want to check the connections to see if any IP connected from a weird place. Hope this gets resolved quickly though.

      1. I can. The only connections I see are mine, and I have no answer from support yet. The biggest problem (for me) is that some people had answers from support, I didn’t so I don’t know if I’m going to be unbanned sometime.

        1. I would imagine your account was compromised. They’ve had a large string of such happenings in the past few days.

          1. Got an answer from support. It’s automated, they recognized there is too many people contacting support, but it is still something I guess.

      1. Starting now the 13th day of waiting, that left me plenty of time thinking. 3 days ago, my ticket was escalated to a Senior Customer Support Representative, no news since. So it I’ve thought enough about this. Is Guild Wars 2 a good game ? Yes, it is. It’s really good, I had been expecting a game such as this one since before it was announced, so that’s a really long time. So once I get my account back, will I keep playing ? Yes, I will. I spent 150€ (abotu 200$) for the Collector’s Edition, and the game is great, I will want to get my money’s worth.

        But I’m pissed. Really pissed. ArenaNet customer support is really bad, it makes me feel that paying subs is actually quite worth it, if you get a good customer support. As of now, my account was hacked (and banned) 12 days ago. It’s Saturday, not sure my account will be unbanned today, and I hope they are not working on Sunday. So I’ll reach 2 fucking weeks waiting for customer support.

        I don’t blame customer support, there are many accounts hacked. I blame ArenaNet. They knew launches are rocky things, MMO history shows that. They knew there was going to be some problems, and they didn’t do much to change that. They even did it worse, as they wielded a massive banhammer for various exploits, later on changing that permanent ban to temporary one, IF you filed a ticket to customer support. Now, you had a support that was already drowning in piles of tickets, and you just add thousands of people to that ? What were they smoking ? Couldn’t they have taken some time thinking about the response, and then sticking to it ?

        So what will I do ? I intended to spend money for fluff, just to give extra money to ArenaNet (so did my girlfriend). Now we won’t. Not until they prove they know how to handle their customers. Some might reply if I had taken care of my password, that would never have happened. They are right. But on Guild Wars 1, that wouldn’t have happened either, as you also need to know a character name to log in. In that way, my Guild Wars 1 account is more secure than my Guild Wars 2 account. How crazed is that ? It’s the same company that made both games, and 7 years later, security got lower O_o. There are other ways to bother hackers, like coin lock (among others). Also, I won’t buy the expansion on Day1, unless I’ve roamed to my hearts content in Tyria. Which is unlikely, as I like going back to places I’ve seen, creating alts (I’ll limit to 4 alts now, I’m not paying for extra slot). Having 5 races with 5 different starting places, I can play a long time exploring those 5 places till my characters reach lvl30.

        So by the time I buy the expansion, it will probably be cheaper. I might buy it to any retail store in France, as it will cost the same price, I’ll get a box as bonus, and as the retailer takes his share, that’s even less money for ArenaNet.

        Unless by the time that expansion comes out (Cantha, Elona, another continent ? I’m already sure there will be an extension), those problems don’t arise again. There are plenty MMOs out there, that have used many ways to try to secure customer accounts, so pick one that works, or two, or more. But don’t use 2005 security system on a 2012 game. And when that expansion comes out, hire some more people for support, you will need it, at least for a few weeks.

        PS : not many people will read this, but well, thats where the conversation started and I can’t think of a better place for it.

        1. That sucks. :( I would use forum.guildwars2.com to make sure to keep your ticket “alive” because it appears that tickets have been disappearing/bugging out. I do note that tickets submitted prior to X seem to be prioritized.

          I hope it clears up really soon.

          1. Account is back. Characters are still there, as well as the stuff and money. finally :D

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