[GW2] Full of Love

Hearts are Guild Wars 2’s upgrade to quest hubs. While “I need help…” usually means “…killing [these things],” I have also filled hearts by:

  • returning wayward chickens
  • engaging in synchronized military practice
  • activating golems
  • turning into a snow leopard
  • rezzing fishercharr
  • rezzing soldiers
  • brawling with drunk soldiers and then rezzing them
  • rescuing wolf cubs
  • just standing in the right spot
  • catching flies
  • ghost-busting
  • watering corn
  • repairing machinery
  • taste-testing ale
  • taking water samples
  • protecting fireworks
  • roasting meat
  • dolyak wrangling
  • dumping water on drunk norn
  • throwing snowballs
  • pit fighting
  • lighting torches
  • removing graffiti
  • committing sacrilege
  • clearing land mines
  • celebrating Meatoberfest
  • trading with economically illiterate jotun
  • escorting tradesnorn
  • asking children to do their chores
  • shrinking
  • growing
  • feeding bunnies
  • keeping bunnies from feeding
  • trading bunnies
  • honoring a bunny spirit
  • feeding cows
  • watering cows
  • washing cows
  • emoting at cows
  • dressing up as a cow and training cows in combat maneuvers
  • blowing stuff up
  • But as of yet, not by dancing.

    : Zubon

12 thoughts on “[GW2] Full of Love”

  1. There is definitely an obsession with cows in this game! =D
    that one particular gem store item is tempting mmmm…

  2. The snow leopard heart is one of my favorites. I hated it in beta, but I love it now. You get to go all nature film on any manner of wildlife. Pouncing on a moa as it flees from the bushes is one of the best (and most brutal) things imaginable.

  3. You can also try to catch flying casks in Norn lands :)
    (you could walk, but as the NPC says, where is the fun in that ?)

  4. I gotta say my favorite has been ghost busting (plains of ashford, about level 8), but I also think the human training (queensdale, about level 8) is really well done.

  5. Syl,

    at charr zone… they throw cows with catapults… or wait… the players help them to throw the cows with catapults…

    By the way, remember that dynamic events are the main meat, hearts are there just for give directions. Higher the zone level, lower hearts and more complex are the DE chains.

  6. There us a mime contest shades of gw1 but with more limited emotes and better feedback.

    I write to tell you that I met the real gw2 last night in the ascalonian catacombs. It was scary, it was brutal and ultimately it defeated five lvl 30+ characters.

    We had a lot of fun being savagely beaten, but here are some hints so you have a fighting chance:

    1) above ground you may be able to beat two, maybe even 3 enemies of your level. Below ground, one normal enemy can beat five of you. You are not ready.

    2) I will say no more because it was fun, innovative and a real blast. I’ve never had so much fun losing. I will be back, oh yes. Back with more, better…

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