[GW2] How to Level in GW2 Without Really Trying

I have earned that last bit of xp and leveled by:

  • completing an event
  • completing a heart
  • rezzing people
  • gathering crafting materials (3 levels in a row)
  • crafting a bag
  • finding a new area
  • WvWing
  • viewing a scenic vista
  • completing an achievement

But as of yet, not just from the xp of killing a monster.

: Zubon

This week’s theme brought to you by Anjin, the letters G and W, and the number 2.

6 thoughts on “[GW2] How to Level in GW2 Without Really Trying”

  1. The best level up I’ve gotten was from pelting a child with a snowball from point blank range. This resulted in the kid being floored and me instantly raising a fist in the air and quipping about how great I am.

  2. The trick to actually leveling off a monster is to find one off the beaten path with loads of bonus xp from not having been killed in a while.

  3. This post is Anjin approved!

    I usually hate getting XP for everything, like in WOW where is doesn’t feel balanced. But since GW2 is actually designed around it, it doesn’t bother me at all. Here it seems like a nice bonus.

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