[CoX] City of Heroes Closing

City of Heroes will go offline in a few months after 8.5 years, two expansions, and 23 issues (major updates). I played for about half that time, level-capping 11 characters, getting my money’s worth, and finding examples I still keep citing under the heading, “Congratulations on catching up to CoX in 2004” (or “…ATitD in 2002”).

Ethic’s 2005 post about the end of Asheron’s Call 2 remains one of the most popular pages on the site.

: Zubon

8 thoughts on “[CoX] City of Heroes Closing”

  1. I just saw this. I played for about a year and change, well active in the RP scene there. Had lots of fun and, like Zubon, I can categorically say I got my money’s worth.

    The game was a hard candy, but rewarding. I have very good memories of my time there and I hope everyone affected by the studio’s closing will find work right away.

    /me pours a forty

  2. Sad. It was a great game up to the point they went to a raid-focused endgame, and then it went downhill *FAST* after the conversion to free-to-play (going pay-to-win immediately), despite the extra players it brought in at first.

  3. I can only hope they sandbox it for the last three months. There are still so many builds and styles I want to taste.

  4. More than SWG, EQOA, and the MMOs that EA and NCsoft have shuttered for only being modestly profitable (Sims Online, Dungeon Runners, ect.), this strikes me as a step backwards for MMOs as a genre.

    One of most flexible character generation systems yet released in an MMO is about to vanish. One of the most deep yet user friendly systems for allowing players to generate content is also about to go up in a puff of smoke.

    Further, as you point out, CoH has elegantly solved some of the core design challenges that most MMOs face. These solutions have been ignored by subsequent MMO designers. Whether out of ignorance, ineptitude, or simply the inability to use similar solutions due to software environments I can’t say.

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