[GW2] Dye Interface

In a change from earlier stated plans, GW2 dyes are unlocked per-character rather than per-account. Boo.

Once you use the dye interface, all future armor you acquire will be automatically dyed with the same color scheme when you equip it. Auto-dyeing is a nice, intuitive quality of life improvement..

: Zubon

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  1. I saw a comment on reddit, someone said you could right click on a dye and make it “favorite” hence unlocking it for your whole account. Not sure if it’s true, or what happens if you delete the character.

    1. Just checked in-game: right-click makes a dye a “favorite,” but that just means it joins a quick reference list at the top of the dye list. Switching characters, the other did not also have access.

    2. It would be an exploit if so–and I’m sure we’ve all seen the stance they’ve taken on exploits lately.

  2. Except the colours of the old armour mightn’t look so good on the new armour and you still have to change them around or swap them out. But it’s the cost of looking good.

    Don’t really mind per character dye unlocks, I doubt I’d want them all on one character unless it was just collecting them for the sake of it. Some of the dyes look so alike, someone was selling 3 grey dyes in chat, and the 3 shades were so very similar, and none of them that desirable.

    Something I’d like to see implemented is being able to preview a dye on the trading post, the colour square on the tooltip doesn’t always give a good idea what to expect.

    1. “Something I’d like to see implemented is being able to preview a dye on the trading post, the colour square on the tooltip doesn’t always give a good idea what to expect.”

      Yeah, this. A bigger swatch square would be a start. Even that wouldn’t be right, though, since each color has three possible shades based upon what material it’s applied to. Something like LOTRO’s dressing room would be a very nice addition.

    2. Even colours that look the same on the first look are acutally different. I can tell the difference between maroon and wine, even though they are miniscule. Both great colors for mesmer by the way :D

    1. You get auto-colored in WvW to your servers color (for the enemy).

      I guess you could annoy your own side by being a mint green monster though :) (I have that color, it does indeed look hideous)

  3. Y’know I thought I remembered that dyes were going to be per-account. I was very disappointed by that but only yesterday as I was double-clicking a dye I was crowing to myself over how great it was that it’s per character and I thought I must have mis-remembered it.

    To me, everything that’s done on a per-account basis is removing content from me as a player and removing personality from my characters. I’d be very happy to see per-account offered *as an option* for all kinds of things, so that those who like it that way can have it how they want it, but to have it imposed as a default really irritates me.

    My characters are not me and they are not each other. Each of them is an individual and they should not benefit from the achievements of others except and unless it’s part of the roleplayed interaction between them. For this reason I also strongly dislike the universal bank and the all-characters-on-one-server thing, among others.

    1. I like the per-account stuff for identity – when I play this game, I make friends and join guilds as a player, not as a number of separate characters which other people can’t necessarily connect. For me, that’s closer to how I actually act in the game, so I’m happy it’s supported.

      I know what you mean about sharing achievements etc, but I am happy that it lets me choose to do things on certain characters – finish the norn area jumping puzzles with my norn, for instance, instead of feeling like I have to cart my ‘main’ everywhere. I appreciated the same thing with the Hall of Monuments…it’s sort of a theme thing. I want to complete Canthan stuff with my Canthan characters.

  4. “Auto-dyeing is a nice, intuitive quality of life improvement..”

    Such a shame, though, that there’s no consistancy whatsoever between armor sets as to what’s considered dyeable areas 1, 2, and 3, and that colors can look completely different based on the material, position of the colorable area on the armor, and the exact piece of armor in the set, and on the set itself…

    As for character vs account unlock, despite some people falling for the “adds individuality to your character” frame that ArenaNet put forth when they changed their mind after they highered a Monetization Producer from Nexon to run the cash shop, the originally described dye unlock system – http://www.arena.net/blog/live-and-let-dye-kristen-perry-on-the-gw2-dye-system – is superior in every way to what we’ve ended up with (which, sadly, can be said for most of the rest of the game – for example, they had said that there would be no punishments for death, other than having to run back, obviously, but we end up with a death penalty, travel costs, and armor repair costs…).

    1. Well short of homogenizing armor sets, how could dyes be consistent?

      I’d rather have diversity of materials and designs.

      I’m most saddened that for all the graphical improvements, armor texture has suffered between GW1 and 2. Satin doesn’t look as satiny, leather doesn’t look as leathery, etc.

      My bank account likes per character unlocks. There’s only a few colors I want (and not necessarily for all characters) so most of what I get sells, and for more than they would if unlocks were account rather than character bound. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages for players depending on their preferences.

      I also played the original so character unlocks are quite an improvement over dyes working once per item. The color discrepancies were also greater, and not just due to the diverse textures. Pure red could appear anything from red violet to red orange depending on the armor.

      Also, I remember them saying death wouldn’t penalize us in terms of time but don’t remember anything regarding money. Really the only promise I’ve seen them backtrack on is grinding for gear. It’s one thing for some skins to be more exclusive than others but even getting max stats at 80 looks like it’s going to require a fair amount of grind.

      The gold sinks seem to be in the interest of preserving the in-game economy, which I can accept, but the “end game” grind for max gear is definitely intended to appease hard core gamers, and that bugs me.

      1. Do you mean grind for gold to afford it, or something else? (My max character right now is 35, heh). My view on gold has always been that although some things seem ridiculously expensive now – it takes a long time to earn a gold piece early on! – GW2 is very suited to playing through again with alts, and that should add money to one’s (shared) bank account in due time. That’s my experience from GW1, but I’ve no idea if it will carry through.

        1. Also dungeon gear went from being a piece per run to requiring multiple runs to earn a single piece. 80 karma uniques require 42k a piece…but in retrospect, it benefits us all to encourage players to continue participating in dynamic content in the later zones especially since that’s pretty much all Orr is from my understanding. It’s definitely a balancing act.

          Honestly I don’t necessarily mind grinding for armor as long as it’s within my control, and not hinged upon RNG and rolling the dice – it’s the armors themselves that are somewhat of a let down right now. I don’t see myself going nuts like I did on my mesmer in the original.

  5. I would gladly pay $5 at the store for the option to make dyes account-wide.

    Of course this will never happen if Anet is considering at some point selling dyes at the store (which I don’t know, I haven’t really looked at the store in depth yet).

    1. 200 gems (US$2.50) for a pack of 7 random dyes (5 Common, 2 Uncommon or Rare) in usable bottles that you can sell. Once the bottles are used, of course, they’re bound to that specific character.

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