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    1. And the are below bloodtide coast is even worse, giving you lots of incentives to change the shore. Although it’s a lot smaller, which makes it bareable.

  1. Kessex Hills has waypoints, which the *original* Everswim did not. Hence, the required swimming.

    The fact the Kessex Hills has underwater content requiring you to (occasionally) swim if off-set by the fact that is actually something to see down there.

    1. I’m not going with “occasionally.” There are at least a dozen aquatic hearts, POIs, waypoints, and vistas. And, of course, the requisite centaur area.

      1. You’re exaggerating. I’ve just opened the map, and it’s one heart, three POIs (one of which is on an island just 15m away from the coast), one waypoint and one vista that you need to swim for.

        1. You’re mis-reading that map. That island waypoint is through an underwater tunnel that starts west of the next heart to the west. Several other land-looking objects are in or involved submerged caves. And putting the heart on land does not mean that all the content related to it is not in the water. Yes, the dude is standing on a dock, so go swim with the krait to fill the heart.

          Also, yes, I’m exaggerating somewhat. Done in any bulk, the underwater content feels horrible, a gimmick gone on too long.

          1. The krait are also on land. Sure, there are more in the water, so if you want to fill the heart fast, you go for a swim. Even if you did that, it’d make two hearts out of one, no big difference.

            You can bathe in your dislike of swimming all you want, but please no false facts.

            Yes, I forgot that the tunnel leads up from the south, still it’s no big distance and there are not even foes in the tunnel.

            1. No, you know what, I just checked the map, and you are mis-reading and mis-counting. There are 11 items in Viathan Lake, Viathan’s Arm, and on the shore immediately around them, not including the ones I know not to be aquatic. Then there is a huge amount of dead space in the water with no symbols (bonus: with several events). Then we have Isgarren’s View, plus more water in the Blackroot Cut and a river in the east. I’m actually under-stating the amount of aquatic content here.

            2. OK, seems we have to do this bit by bit. I’ll start in the south-west and go clockwise around the lake and then into the middle:

              Mudbay Digs (POI) and the heart associated with it (kill bandits): purely on land
              Overlord Waypoint and the heart next to it (kick around centaurs): purely on land
              Auld Red Warft POI: on the coast, but no swimming needed
              Viathan Waypoint: the same as above
              E (N of Viathans Arm):
              POI Triskell Quay and the heart next to it (kill krait: located on land, heart needs a swim if you want to fill it fast since there are only a few krait raiding the land, but no mandatory swimming
              Overlake Haven Waypoint: on land
              Center, at Eukaryan Caves:
              Both skill point and heart purely on land
              Ireko Trade Camp Waypoint:
              On land

              All the aforementioned points do NOT require setting one foot into the water. Of course you can go for a swim to to reach them, but it is in no way mandatory. If you swim through the lake to get to Ireko Trade Camp, fine, your decision. I escorted a trade caravan there from Overlake Haven and did not once get my feet wet.

              Swimming is needed for:
              Lair of the seawitch
              Tagotl Grounds (the aforementioned tunnel without foes)
              Krait’s Larder
              Krait Witch Lair
              Moogooloo Waypoint

              Adds up to five things you have to swim for. Make it five and a half for the Triskell Quay heart, if you want it to fill fast.

  2. The real difference, imo, is that swimming in GW2 does not seem to be significantly (any?) slower than overland movement.

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