[GW2] Look Behind You

Pro-tip to people at events: while you are fighting the boss, normal enemies continue to spawn, and sometimes the event even spawns more. You should kill those, too.

This weekend, there were forty to fifty people piling on a champion centaur boss (one of those fights that takes 5-10 minutes because its hit points have scaled up for forty to fifty people), and perhaps two of us were watching the outer edges for respawns. Melee respawns were no problem; they ran into a cloud of AE and fell down without anyone noticing them. Meanwhile, the Harathi Sharpshooters were forming a line. Fun math: assume 1/3 chance of getting a ranged attacker each spawn; assume death within 5 seconds if melee and respawn 15 seconds later; assume 12 spawns; how long until you have a solid line of 12 “Sharpshooters” casually standing 4 meters behind a horde of oblivious, unmoving PCs and just picking them off? Identifying where the damage is coming from can be a problem in games, and it can be loud with 40 to 50 people attacking constantly, but at some point you need to look around.

: Zubon

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  1. Or it can be the opposite ! In Asura starting area, the fight against the fire elementalist was VERY long.
    In fact, there was two reasons : first there is an insane number of spawns that block the entrance. And these spawns create fire-pound that knokback : it can lead very quickly to death. To add on that, the boss send very discrete – discrete in the big number of explosion – fire-sword running on the floor that one shot. If you start to rez someone, you will not have the time to stop the rez before moving out of the way – and it takes me 10min to see those fire-blade.
    During 15 min, I was the only one, doing – very low : Guardian with bad scepter – dammage to the boss while 10-15 people where fighting or dieing at the entry.

  2. Well, players will learn strategy sooner or later. These events work as raids, but start at level 10. Higher level mobs have more complex strategies, if players don’t learn they will be eaten.

  3. An average of 3 spawns per Sharpshooter, 40 seconds until the 3rd spawn, so on average 8 minutes for 12 Sharpshooters. :)

    1. I think the real response his more 40 sec, since you have 12 spawn at the same time, not one after the other. So i would say something around 1 min since the first spawn will be on 15 sec too probably.

  4. I noticed on one event that I still got gold from mainly clearing the adds. I barely targeted the boss. Has anyone else tested this?

    1. If you look at a mob long enough, you get Gold. If you happen to run into the event circle for longer than 10sec, Silver. If the event pops up on your screen and you instantly run the other way, Bronze.

      (The rating system is super-easy to get Gold)

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