[GW2] Bags of Butter

As of yesterday, you can craft with materials from the vault and ten cooking items have been added to world drops instead of karma merchants. When the former is complete (discovery still requires items in inventory, and cooking is all about discovery), that will be awesome and the logical next step from having that huge crafting vault, although the present dis-economies of crafting are broadly known.

The latter we stumbled upon because sticks of butter have been added to the tier 1 drop bags. Some enemies, you see, will sometimes drop a bag o’ stuff as loot. You build up a bunch of these while fighting bandits or centaurs, then double click them to see what is inside. They usually have crafting items and/or a bit of coin. Last night, we found that a great many ettins had four to seven sticks of butter in their pockets. Naturally, we wiped off the lint and put butter in the vault, where it belongs, next to the vials of blood.

It is very nice to get the occasional bit of cinnamon while taking wood from trees. The drop rates on the cooking materials feels a bit high, as I would not want these to displace the rarer, more needed blue crafting drops (like all that blood I am taking from enemies with my field medical kit). Still, anything that gives ettins better access to butter is an improvement in civil society.

: Zubon

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  1. I wouldn’t want to eat anything that had been made form butter found on an Ettin. Are you absolutely sure it even IS butter?

    It’s interesting that you see this as a positive. It was taken as a nerf by some crafters of my acquaintance, since items they could previously obtain on demand from NPCs are now subject to chance. I haven’t gotten around to cooking yet so I will come to it as the status quo when I get there, if indeed it hasn’t changed again by then.

    1. It has been viewed as making cooking even easier as before, while nerfing every crafting profession that uses rare crafting materials. Best source for those were these bags, now half of them are filled with butter or chocolate. Butter can now be bought extremely cheap now.

  2. I’d been waiting to do cooking at 80, as leathercrafting is expensive and everyone has been saying getting to 400 cooking is easy. Kind of felt a nerf might be coming. This is one of the few positives of early adoption of an MMO – taking advantage of systems that are tuned a bit too easy before devs make the correction ; )

  3. I’m a ‘try to cook up a bunch of stuff whenever I’m in town’ sort of cook, who is nowhere near 400, and indeed butter and chocolate (which also drop from bags) are no problem, I end up with a bunch of both with my normal gameplay.

    What’s feeling slightly more nerfological to me are Black Peppercorns, which I do appear to be getting from somewhere in very small amounts, but I haven’t actually spotted where yet, and a quick glance at the Trade Post says are going for 28c a piece, which is getting right up there with the infamous Jute (31c).

    I just hope you don’t get them from the same gathering nodes as onions, which I seem to be perpetually short of… :)

  4. The only thing that bothers me now is that you can’t use what is in your vault to discover new recipes, you need to put it in your inventory. With all the ingredients existing for cooking, 8 pieces bags are too small :(

    1. My current workaround for that is experiment with savory ingredients and sweet ingredients separately.

  5. I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about the changes to acquiring cooking ingredients, and it does make some things more difficult to stock up on (chocolate is not too big a deal; butter is relatively important). It seems like what they’re doing is what they’ve always said they tried to do – drive things more towards exploration and collecting. At least this should reduce the straight up cost of cooking in gold, at least for those who do a lot of the exploring/collecting rather than taking the shortcut through the trading post (which is also valid!).

    This could be another example of what Ravious was saying abut the unexpected re-valuation of commodities in the game. Who stocked up on butter and cashed in big this weekend? Heh.

  6. I just wish that gathering/farming was more intuitive, and that the cooking items did not cause other crafting disciplines to further take a hit. All fruits from trees, all veggies and herbs from harvesting, and “manmade” products from venders; leave the bags for other crafting materials.

    They said we could use everything we made from leveling a profession, but I always thought that meant wearing and selling. Most of what I make for tailoring and leather working just gets salvaged. Those professions really have no value unless you want a particular skin, or until you’re crafting exotics. It’s too hard to keep your crafted item level up with your character level, and drops are generally superior.

    Jewelcrafting and cooking are the only consistently useful, and you can stay on top of jewel crafting without much in the way of extra farming or TP purchases. The armor and possibly weapon professions are the most difficult to acquire mats for, even more so now due to cooking supplies dropping from bags as well, and the least rewarding, at least until “end game.” Basically the message I get is that you’re better off selling mats than leveling those particular professions. The system punishes players who make use of the crafting system for armor and weapons, and rewards those that don’t. It’s very unbalanced, even more so now – and hopefully they bring those professions up to jewelcrafting’s level, rather than jewelcrafting down to those profession’s levels.

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