15 thoughts on “Magic Hat”

  1. Charr horns aren’t organic. They are metallic, mechanical adornments. Those particular ones collapse into themselves like a telescope.

  2. Just another example of how lazy the production of GW2 has actually been. Except for the cultural armors (9 high-level sets for each race), none of the armors are actually tailored for anyone but Humans – and, even then, not tailored very well. Mostly just being slapped onto the character model and stretched (or compacted, in the case of Asura), with no regard for the body or head underneath.

    Soooo many clipping issues (most annoying of which being how lots of 1-handed weapons go under and then poke through, especially as you move, the puffier armor. With some armor sets you might as well not bother previewing weapons or try to look at them on the Hero panel), many of which have been reported many months ago in BWE1, but never fixed. Sadly, given ArenaNet’s history when it comes to clipping (even though cosmetics is supposed to be the main progression draw), I have no hope that they’ll even bother fixing any but the most absolute worst individual examples specifically brought to their attention.

    1. Agree on the above, and this is from someone playing a human. The amount of clipping in GW2 is incredible, and it literally starts at character creation.

    2. I didn’t notice any clipping issues until I got the Baroque Mask from HoM. And now my sexy, long haired norn has this mask clipping through his hair. Meh. :/

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