[GW2] Heartbreaker

Many Guild Wars 2 hearts ask you to collect or retrieve things. Somewhat breaking the logic of the hearts, you do not need to do anything with those. Picking them up gives you credit. You get more credit if you return them, but by the time you carve your way out of the bandit caves, your bandit-slaying has probably filled the heart already.

The game mechanics work just fine, but the logic is sometimes broken. The idea is that, instead of Innkeeper Bob giving me a quest to kill ten rats when I just slaughtered an entire nest of them, he will recognize that I am the rat slayer he has heard so much about, thanks, have a bit of silver and good karma. But I have completed hearts without ever seeing the heart-bearer, and he still sent me a nice “thank you” letter. I might have received most of my heart credit from checking his traps or collecting trinkets for him, but I never gave them to Bob. One of these is by the human starting area in Queensdale, a whole line of crawfish traps you can check, and then he sends you a letter thanking you without the intermediate step of “hey, what about those crawfish?”

Now you have a small stack of dredge ore, shiny red apples, jotun runestones, or broken sprinkler parts. Their only use is to turn in for heart or event progress. If those are for an event, great! Some of those events repeat rather quickly, so you could get another gold medal within the hour. If those are for a heart, you delete them. They are now completely useless and probably soulbound. Sometimes, you can still turn them in … for nothing. Hey, you already got your karma and thanks, stop being greedy. Other times, the heart-bearer will not even take them from you.

At least they usually come with a name attached so you know who to check. This is especially helpful with all the varieties of dredge ore that exist across the zones.

: Zubon

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  1. If they’re not for an event, and you can’t turn them in, I think you can sell them to the Heart(…person…owner?). At least I could with a few I’ve had extras of. Not worth much, single-digit coppers, and I couldn’t sell them to anyone but the karma-shop for the person who wanted them.

  2. Yeah, there’s a strange mechanic involved with gathering items for renown hearts. In one of the early zones (don’t recall which one as I’ve done them all multiple times now) you can collect unexploded ordinance from a battlefield. The expectation is that you’ll pick these up and carry them back to an artillery officer or something, but you get credit merely for picking them up. Bizarrely, I found the fastest and easiest way to gain renown there was to pick up a shell, run to the next shell, drop the one I have, grab the next shell, and so on.

  3. I’ll check when I log in soon, if I have any left in inventory, but my memory tells me they aren’t soulbound. Might be Account bound. I do recall I was considering banking mine for Alts to use, but in the end I wanted the space so I destroyed them so I didn’t get to test if it worked.

    1. I recall a mix, some soulbound, some not bound at all. Mail those ghostly treasures to the other treasure hunters, yo!

  4. I’m sure they used to be sell-able, and some collectors would take them after the fact. Now, they have no sell price, and I’m sure I tried to return some and only got the karma store.

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