[GW2] Precision Platforming

If you want a little more challenge in your jumping puzzles, you can always play the race with irregularly shaped feet that may not be standing where the images of their feet are. For extra challenge, work your way around a tower at night in the rain, where the camera whips about mid-jump as you circle the tower.

: Zubon

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  1. The GW2 camera is easily one of the worst I’ve experienced in an MMORPG. It has no redeeming features whatsoever. Especially as Asura, where it regularly gets caught under objects that wouldn’t shift the camera for any other race.

    1. Haven’t had a problem on my asura really, but I did notice more camera issues on my thief than my mesmer, albeit still not that bad. I don’t know if it’s fair to draw a comparison to previous MMOs. I have a lot more mobility in this game than any other MMO I’ve played. It’s the skills that have me flying all over the place that cause my camera to frequently change. Beyond that, the story missions in narrow hallways and the jumping puzzles are also not something you typically see, either. Not saying there isn’t room for improvement, but it seems to be a bi-product of the enhanced mobility. Apparently changing some camera settings can help based on other comments.

  2. With probably 98% of all my experience of GW2 coming from a Charr’s perspective I look forward to easy-mode when I play a human.

    1. Ditto. Coming in from underwater for Loreclaw involved a great deal of balancing on a beam half the width of one of my feet. Then there’s the running on fours…

      The camera also drives me nuts, but it wasn’t until finding what seemed like the world’s largest jumping puzzle with a myriad number of nooks and crannies in Malchor’s Leap and getting it stuck on a simple upward slope, when a Norn beside me seemed to have no problems, that I really screamed and bugged it. That was just wrong.

    1. Generally speaking, the jumping only comes into play if you’re trying to reach a Vista, which is usually a hard-to-reach spot that rewards you with a view of the local land. Many vistas are in high places. Some vistas are simple to reach (look around until you find a ramp), but a others are indeed and can require platform jumps.

      1. No the vistas are usually just mini-jumping puzzles and were added well after jumping puzzles, although I did accidentally complete one of the easier jumping puzzles en route to a vista. Anyway, jumping puzzles have their own separate achievements and also award chests for completion.

        One jumping puzzle is found in the WvW dungeon, but it’s of course extra deadly due to pvp action.

        Huntersinsight has a guide to finding jumping puzzles.

  3. I, too, have been annoyed by the camera on some of the jumping puzzles. Especially when “I” am squeezed in a gap between floor and ceiling, trying to plan my next jump, and the camera decides to fixate on one particular position looking out through my chest that accurately shows neither my feet nor my target ledge.

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