[GW2] Achievement Locked

Some of the GW2 top-tier items, particularly legendary weapons, seem like rather long-term goals. A guildmate calculated the karma needed for his goals and landed in the low seven digits. Some people will react to this with speed runs and hard work to optimize accumulation. Some will quit from frustration (or satiation, after completing all those speed runs).

Some will quit being Achievers. Like Milne’s river, we shall get there someday. I can farm the events with the best karma/hour and learn the minimum contribution level for a gold medal, or I could just keep wandering around doing whatever catches my fancy. The game will still be here a year from now. Optimization is a kind of fun, but then carrying it out for 20-100 hours is often not. I would much rather do everything once than run the same event twenty times a day.

And if I find one I really like? I can run that twenty times a day. I have a guildmate who really liked one of the arena events and did nothing but two events for ten levels. He had fun and leveled quickly. He found what he liked and stayed with it until he got bored. Good for him.

For my current playstyle, wandering is essential. It will probably remain so until I hit 100% world completion, and then repeat for any new character. Well, I wander in each zone until 80-90%; to fill those last few map symbols, I flip back to Achiever, ruthlessly cull the progression from a zone, then find a new field in which I can smell the flowers. I avoid using waypoints, instead wandering across zones harvesting nodes, participating in random events, and unleashing alpha strikes on hapless monsters when all my cooldown timers are refreshed. Ooh, artichokes!

: Zubon

Bonus tip for improving your achievement score: you get 2 achievement points for every 5 GW1 Hall of Monument points; you also get 2 achievement points for salvaging 200 items (repeatable). If you are backfilling your HoM for the GW2 bonuses (past the cosmetics), unless you intend to wear that title, you will get the exact same bonus faster by running GW2 events. Optimizing GW2 Achievement involves abandoning GW1 Achievement.

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  1. You raise something I’ve been wondering about, namely are those points you get in GW2 for completing Achievements *for* anything? Never having owned, used or thought much about Playstations or XBoxes, the comic you linked went screaming over my head, but does your link to it imply that these points have no purpose at all other than to show other people how many Achievements you have completed?

    If so, if it was possible to make me care less about Achievements than I already did, that would do it.

  2. There’s a point in MMOs where you either decide that you really want the status (and stuff) that comes with being a hardcore achiever, or that you are willing to settle for being one of the ‘have nots’, belittled all around by more hardcore sections of the community for being a noob, a slacker, or a WoW tourist, but keep your soul.

    1. I don’t think achievements are just for hardcore players. Some people are more goal oriented than others and like seeing a measurement of what they’ve done, and there’s nothing wrong with it one way or another.

      Honestly, I’ve been seeing more belittling of people who are pursuing things in this game than the other way around. A commander sat silently in the map while his icon was ridiculed with accusations of his mother having purchased it, and the irony is, it was his guildies that pooled their resources to buy the title because they happened to be a WvW guild, and he was their leader (and a polite, knowledgeable one from what I’ve observed in WvW.)

      I guess my point is people need to stop making assumptions about other players one way or the other. I don’t care about things like prestige but I do plan on casual pursuit of the Dreamer even if it takes a few years for no other reason than the fact that I like unicorns and rainbows, and it’s a goal to pursue.

  3. I’ve yet to see a lagendary skin that interests me, so until then, I don’t give a damn about their costs. So far, they all seem to be the same boring standard MMO-crap: make a huge weapon, stuff it with particle effects until it’s assured that everyone of dem damn n00bs sees from 200m away that yer carrin’ dat phat epix, err, legendaries, and that’s it.

    I’ll just hope that one day, the dominion of the winds opens it doors and I discover that they carried over the tengu set from the BMP of GW, because that’s the sort of weapon style that gets me interested in them. As long as I like a design, I don’t care about it’s price.

    Considering other achievements, I’ll just do what I did before: doing any achievement I like when I feel like it, but never caring whether others know about having done them. Can’t see me ever displaying any title in GW2, unless they start doing the same kind of crap they did in GW and attach actual character buffs to it.

  4. I have a sword. It is on fire. Life complete.

    And I didn’t even have to achieve anything in GW2 to get it!

    All power to those who feel that their version of fun is 51 repeats of something as quick as can be for a shiny at the end.

    Me, I join dungeons once or twice for the learning and how-every-team-is different experience, some spare cash, and the tokens are a cumulative bonus. 30 here, 50 there. Then I get bored and wander off to do something else and change it up. Eventually, 10-12 months down the road, I might be able to purchase something off the merchants. If not, no biggy.

  5. It’s a sad comment for modern way of thinking. People want everything and they want it now. They can’t have it? Let’s make rage quit, as loud as we can, so people will acknowledge that we didn’t get what we wanned (aka the game is bad ;) ). So far I can afford everything that I need in GW2 and I have a lot of spare cash for gems. Didn’t really touch my karma reserves, maybe purchased some recipes just for sake of having them. Everything that looks really shiny in my eyes is more like a long term goal, so nothing bad with that. Better – I think it’s great that I have something to look forward to, because I spend several years in GW1 and I intend to do the same in GW2. Why else I should waste my time and money if not for having fun? And the shiny-shiny? Let them be a cherry on my imaginary gran-muffin :P.

  6. There are achievements? Huh. Never before have I paid so little attention to the mechanics behind a video game. I keep getting things pop up on the screen that the game wants me to go look at and I just keep on playing. I am so very not optimized. I only spend a few skill points now and then, but not much else. I have not even purchased that book that allows you to spend that other thing. See? I don’t even know what the other thing is. I just keep having fun at my slow, plodding game play style.

    P.S. I did spend some money on gems so I could have more bank space. I’ve been saving all my dyes because I don’t know if I want to use them or sell them. I have a lot of dyes. Unrelated comment is unrelated.

    1. At some point you (should) run into a story mission that’s too difficult, based on gimping your character (not spending the points). Spending them is not that big a deal anyway, as you get a free respec with every book you buy (3 total).

      Luckily given how downscaling works, your gimped character will likely be at the ‘correct’ difficult level for a zone.

      1. I assume so, however so far all my story missions we have done as a group so no issues as of yet – but we do have a LONG way to go.

  7. I think that this is something I never liked about Guild Wars and now it’s also something I don’t like about Guild Wars 2. The gap between the haves and the have nots is pretty huge.

    In most games, the gap is due to raiding, the idea being, if you don’t raid, you don’t need the best stuff.

    In my opinion, the appearance of items should not be tied to achievements. If I’m a very casual player, my character should not look like a homeless person. EQ2 got around this by making nice looking items craftable, albeit the nicest looking stuff is purchased through Station Cash.

    Since Guild Wars 2 does not have an appearance system, you will be paying over and over again for appearance items through their cash shop, or you will have to slog through achievements or raiding.

    Either way, I don’t find that fun.

    1. On the issue of looks, my Charr Ranger is wearing entirely Blue or Green crafted leather that he makes himself, I think they look fantastic. I have them all dyed one plain, rich brown color and he looks exactly how I want him to look.

      Not tried any other races in crafted gear yet, but unless the Charr is a wild exception, I imagine that’s what they’ll all wear.

      1. So far the only outfit my Norn Ranger will be seen in is the HoM outfit (from my Guild Wars 1 account). This is lucky for me, as all I have to do is keep a stash of them in my pack for when I find/make an upgrade.

        It’s great that you have an outfit you like. Say if you really wanted to keep that look, would you be okay with paying real money every time you got an upgrade?

        I get it — this is why there is no monthly sub fee. But I don’t think it’s a good solution, especially for female players who generally place a lot more importance on their character’s appearance than male players do.

    2. In Guild wars 2 only the silly looking gear need money or work, the rest his not really hard to get.

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