[GW2] Crafting From the Hilt

Possibly the best quality of life improvement in Guild Wars 2 is being able to discover recipes with materials from the bank. Last night I made sure to run a play session of crafting, as cooking can take a long time, and it was great.

For artificing the main “hidden” recipes involve potion brewing. Each potion instills hatred and hardness in the character for a certain race, such as destroyers or Nightmare Court. With that crafting profession, and I would guess most of the others, crafting from the bank is a akin to Doodle God with bumper rails as I randomly clicked on material icons to see which ones would darken and which ones would remain lit. In my opinion this is the perfect difficulty for most crafting professions. It’s fun to combine, it’s not very difficult or time consuming, and not having certain materials is just difficult enough to keep some stuff hidden.

Cooking raises this difficulty, as is its wont. The reason it is more difficult is not necessarily the number of variations. It is that cooking feeds off its own materials. Pizza is one of my favorites. The player has to have a handle on dough, tomato sauce, and cheese, which are easy to make cheese pizza, a consumable. Take the cheese pizza at a higher level of cooking, add a few mushrooms, and get a better mushroom pizza. Take a snazzy mushroom pizza, add some greenery, and get a fancy veggie pizza. Soups are by far the worst as they build with stocks and all sorts of other prepared ingredients.

I’ve already bought one bank slot, which leaves me more than enough room for a main character. However, it is likely not enough room to be a master chef if I didn’t follow wiki recipes. I would have to waste a lot of money by making prepared ingredients to see if the system tells me I have a locked discovery to find with that prepared ingredient. It might tell me it is no longer needed, by not having it show up as a discovery ingredient, or it could be red, meaning that I am not high enough level to use it yet for the locked recipe. Then it’s either store it using up more precious space, or try to remember that I will eventually need to remake it. The best option is to buy them off the Trading Post where the prices don’t reflect the cost of materials to make the item, at least yet.

In my opinion, having the difficulty raised on cooking by building on crafted materials is great. The pain of cooking versus my bank still remains. Still like a good MMO player, I relish it while cursing it all the same. I am like a rugby player athlete version of crafting, eating my own pizza with a black eyes and missing teeth.  Tyler Durden in a cook’s getup.


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  1. I have mixed feelings about the Discovery from Bank thing. I’d certainly like the option to switch it off. I liked the clarity of being able to put only the materials I was working on in my bags so that I wouldn’t get muddled when it came to discoveries. With everything from my bank going in there it’s taking me three times as long to double-check I am making what I want to make.

    I also actively enjoying the quasi-physical selection process of inventory management in MMOs. Opening the boxes, clicking and dragging icons from one to another, stacking and splitting, all of those activities offer a degree of sensual pleasure which contributes significantly to my desire to play MMOs in the first place. There’s a tipping point where undeniably welcome convenience is outweighed by a noticeable disengagement from the process.

    I’m always wary of designers who feel they can have my fun for me better than I know how to have it myself.

    1. It was added per player request. I have to admit that in the mean time, I was taking the easy way out on cooking because I simply didn’t have the bag space to hold all the ingredients needed for discovery. Unlike other professions, even beginning items are used in later recipes. So for me, this actually increases engagement in the process.

      1. Oh, well that makes it perfectly fine then. Can’t complain about things that were added to appease players, no matter how rotten it might be.

        I’m going to go request that they add syphilis now. Hopefully it will be contracted by engaging in ERP and will cause perma-death.

    2. Cooking (discovery) without it was a pain, because of all the possible ingredients. As it’s impossible to have them all at one time in your backpack, cooking would have become a grind (to try every possible combination) or a wiki thing.

  2. If we could keep those intermediate cooking items also in the crafting items portion of the bank, it would be 100 times better. However, since you can consume those items, I can see where they wouldn’t want you to store an infinite amount of them.

  3. I really enjoy the cooking. I’m at almost 300 having never used any guides. However, I do have a whole bank slot allocated to my cooking combines. Never thought twice about it having been a provisioner in EQ2 which back in the day had an insane amount of combines needed to cook a finished product. Even today’s nerfed version requires a healthy dose.

    It does suck that the market for food doesn’t reflect anything near the cost or effort. Even though most professions seem to be in that state right now in GW2, the idea of selling food is worthless. I use the meh stuff for when I’m doing harvest runs, helping kids, send to kids, etc. The good stuff I’m hording for dungeons and PVP.

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