[GW] Cooking Without the Book

Ravious is worried about storage space due to intermediate ingredients, that he will have a vault full of soup stock and spice jars. I am more worried about final products. With experimentation from the vault available and a level 80, 400 skill cook who has been accumulating ingredients everywhere he can, visiting that discovery pane is an attractive nuisance that calls me to try tossing things together until I have millions of calories of desserts and finished soups. As a cook/artificer, I have enough food and potions to keep my character buffed continuously for days.

: Zubon

Cooking By the Book

4 thoughts on “[GW] Cooking Without the Book”

  1. Same here, I destroy mercilessly all the foods that can’t be used as ingredients, else I have my backpack (and bank) full all the time.

  2. See… there is an achievement for chugging food so… food that is like +24% damage against knocked down bandits at night, well that goes toward the achievement.

  3. Hah, I hadn’t thought about the achievement progress. I have a guild of casual RL friends, most of whom don’t do cooking, so once we got guild storage I just started stocking a guild larder :D

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