[GW2] Cherry Tree

Trahearne is not the most beloved character in GW2, but Sieran is a strong competitor. For those of you who have not tried the Durmand Priory personal story arc, try the Durmand Priory personal story arc. Magister Sieran is your guide, and she is the happiest adventurer around. “Cherry!” (or sylvari cursing: “Thorns!”) We’re going into certain death: “It’ll be an adventure!”

Everyone gets the lesser version in the Pact story arc, Carys, who is enthusiastic about running in and whacking zombies with a big hammer. I tried this on a sylvari guardian, and it is indeed satisfying to whack zombies with a big hammer, so I can see why she is in such a good mood. Still, Sieran is the full version, the physical incarnation of joy and enthusiasm.

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “[GW2] Cherry Tree”

  1. I’ve put the Priory aside until now as I don’t approve of their “let’s throw untested stuff onto the battlefield and see what happens”-attitude, but this post will have me try this story line out sooner than I’d have anyway.

    Until now, I still think that the Order is the Krytan comedy club, in a positive way.

    1. Are you playing a sylvari? That doesn’t sound like the charr introduction to the Priory, but just getting my second character to that point in the personal story, I’m seeing it with the golems.

      Still, as plans go, a live test of the golems with the soldiers in reserve seems like less of a bad plan than throwing the soldiers at the undead and holding back the golems just in case.

  2. *Note to self* Never play the Priory missions.

    *reads 2nd paragraph* Or any other Order missions.

    In fact, I think I’ll stick to the Norn and Asura missions. They’re the only ones I’ve done that held any entertainment value.

  3. I played through my friend’s Priory missions with him and I’d have to agree, Sieran is just insufferably cheerful and endearing. My friend playing a super villain type Engineer was particularly fond of her and was quite upset once the missions moved beyond the Priory and we didn’t get to see her as often.

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