[TL2] Removed Functionality

Last night, I decided I was done with my first Torchlight 2 character. I had beaten the game, messed around with the Mapworks a bit, and I was ready to retire and start a new character. I had started on “normal” difficulty, and as Tycho says, that is not a satisfying fight. “Right click to kill the five nearest monsters.”

The retirement system from Torchlight 1 has been replaced by New Game Plus in Torchlight 2. That is surely documented somewhere, but it had not even occurred to me to look for it. I liked retirement, I thought it was a good system (cash in your current character for a small boost to your next one, cumulative across generations), and it did not strike me that leaving it out was an option. This usually happens at some point when you upgrade systems and/or programs, but it is always a disappointing moment when a tool you occasionally deployed is no longer in the toolbox.

I wonder if a mod will bring it back.

: Zubon

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  1. I remember seeing a request that asked if it was possible to re-add this feature back in as a mod and they said yes. My guess is you’ll see it soon.

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