Project Gorgon Kickstarter

Kickstart here.

You have probably reading about the really indie MMO development of Project Gorgon at Elder Game, friend of Kill Ten Rats. The latest update was about randomly generated weapons that give animals emotional problems. Previous updates have discussed cow PCs (and milking them) and other fun quirkiness. Calligraphy is an important skill for improving your swordsmanship.

The developers (both of them) worked on Asheron’s Call 2. Give them money.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “Project Gorgon Kickstarter”

  1. Or, OR, how about this:

    They offer me a product, like one I get as soon as I give them money, THEN I give them money.

  2. Can I just copy this entry and paste it on my own blog so I don’t have to think up something to write about it? Twitter and too much tea has made me groggy this morning.

    @Alfonso – That is still an option. You will just miss out on getting some sort of hat, a credit most people won’t see, and maybe getting nothing at all in return for you money. Your choice. Go with logic, if that is your way!

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