[GW2] Problems of the Popular

I want guesting to work.

I am on one of the high population servers, always at “high” or “full” when I check. I want to visit friends on other servers, but I am worried about being able to get back in any reasonable time frame. A guildmate claimed to have needed more than a week to get back to Isle of Janthir. I presume you can get anywhere during off-hours, but it would be nice if the advertised feature existed.

You can switch servers freely 1/day, which is great if you have friends on only a few servers and never want to go back and forth in the same day. I understand the WvW abuses that led to needing the limitation, but it would be nice if the advertised feature existed. Guesting would not have the WvW issue, and you need not be limited per day.

: Zubon

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  1. I wonder if they could have two forms: A “short” form that you can do 1/day (or infinite) and makes it easy for you to get back to your home server, BUT locks you out of WvW for X days. Then have a second one that allows WvW but has a longer cooldown.

    1. Something like that is the design as advertised: guests cannot WvW but can visit any server, transfer if you want to WvW with that server. Until guesting is programmed, we have the limited free transfers.

      1. Yeah I ended up in a situation similar to what you described when a friend started. She couldn’t get on my server because it was full so we transferred to a smaller one…but then took 3 days for the original server to drop to “High” so we could get back on.

  2. Or simply lock transfers out of WvW until the next matchup, which would also help to cut down on the spying or fair-weather friend accusations.

  3. I was just complaining about this. It’s nice that there are still free transfers for those who are trying to find a home world, but I can’t really play with any friend who is on another server as I’ll be locked from going back to mine immediately afterwards. I’m hoping they’ll implement guesting soon.

  4. Ok, this has been bothering me for a while. GUESTING ALREADY WORKS, just not in the way people expect, and that way probably won’t exist until after they end free transfers.

    How do you do it? You party with a friend. You get into the same in game area. You right click their darkened image and select “Join in” the same exact way you would join a friend on an overflow server. Poof! You’re on their server, playing with them. This works in all of PvE and I think PvP too (although this is only an issue if you want to meet up in the Mists, as that’s the only part of sPvP that’s inherently server bound).

  5. I’ve been unable to get this to work. Just to be sure we didn’t miss a loophole, we restarted the relevant characters [F12], we reformed the party, and we stood on the same waypoint. There is no option to “join in” with the other player.

    I tried this with people from the same region (US+US, EU+EU) and in different regions (US+EU) without seeing different results.

    However, this can work for dungeons and I believe for personal stories (although I have had trouble with the US + EU combination).

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