[GW2] Lottery Win

I open those blue bottles filled with a rainbow assortment of dyes. The unidentified dyes are slowly coming down in price as more people are getting the colors they want, but the rarest dyes are still worth quite a bit. I open my bottles because it’s a fun gamble. It’s like earning a scratcher’s ticket. Sure, I could sell it off for a few silver, but where’s the fun in that. Plus, I like filling out my dyes.

Anyway, last night I open a Celestial Dye (whitest). Hey, here’s 3 gold! That’s quite a bit of money for me since I’ve been floating around 1-3 gold for awhile now.

This was my first big time drop in Guild Wars 2. It was worth hours of time as farming rates seem to be at around 1 gold per hour for a casual farmer. I felt really lucky, but that can’t even compare to a Reddit poster that found Dusk during a Cursed Shore event. Dusk is valued over 300 gold.

I began to wonder how sticky this loot-bag lottery is for casual players. I know I could never run with the hardcore farmers and market traders. But, for an instant I get a good drop worth some real money, I feel like I could be up there.

I also realized that I could use my tier 5 materials (mithril ore and elder wood logs) to make some rare staves. Eventually, I would like to get the legendary staff The Bifrost, and I will need the precursor for that purpose. Right now gambling away a few rare staves once in awhile seems more reasonable than 300 gold. Anyway, I chucked a few I made into the mystic forge and got Memory of the Sky. I loved the skin, especially since I felt it was a nice dichotomy for my necromancer. It’s a sort of wooden, carved angel half-wing. After learning that I can get that skin through the personal story (a part I am just about to hit), I chucked that in to the trading post for another 4 gold.

With the strength of the market, I am wondering whether the material gain evens out instead of being based on steady low-rate gain coupled with a few big hits. This feels so different from, say Lord of the Rings Online, which rarely, if ever has big hits. There is vendor trash and a few marketable things. There is no lottery win. Watch out for those goodies in Guild Wars 2. What nice paydays have dropped for you?


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  1. I found a dye that I sold for 1 gold, which was nice for a character under level 20. I don’t normally even check values, but I’m going to start doing so more often.

  2. Lotro does in fact have a lottery and big payouts, but they don’t happen very often, I won ‘the thing needed for lvl 75 1st age weapon’ in the lottery, straight on the AH for 300g, several times more gold than I had. That’s only one item though, but a casual player that never steps foot inside a raid can make a lot of money from the raiders. There is only a few other things in the lottery that earn some gold, lvl 45 class items is one thing, some of those go for about 10-12g. As for GW2 nothing with a big pay off yet.

  3. Closest for me so far was the 40 orichulem (sp?) ore from completing Orr map. About to start playing the rare/exotic salvage game though. My first attempt netted 3 globs. Also going to give the Mystic Forge a shot here soon by combining 4 crafted rares/exotics.

  4. I found and used Midnight Ice in the first week without noticing that it is a rare, almost black color. 2 gold. I’m not sure I want to know the total market value of the 7 rare dyes my elementalist has used, but I might start checking the market before reflexively double-clicking.

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