[GW2] Hodgins is Hardcore

This is becoming a running joke in our dungeon runs. You can help it become a meme.

In the Ascalonian Catacombs exploration mode, path 1 is guided by the NPC Hodgins. By the middle of the path, he is dual-wielding flaming scepters. The usual approach is to sprint through rather than clearing all the enemies. At several points, Hodgins is having none of this, whips out his dual scepters, and goes berserk on whatever enemy he feels like, caring not a whit for his own (surprisingly good) survival. Group of gravelings? Hodgins wants to solo them. Gravelings fighting oozes? He’ll take all comers. Ghosts, trolls, whatever you can find? Hodgins wants their flaming blood on his boots.

Hodgins is hardcore.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “[GW2] Hodgins is Hardcore”

  1. I remember an escort quest in WoW in the Barrens with an NPC like that. He would tear out after any bad guy he could see, going way out his way just to kick another pirate in the teeth.

    And there is also that quest by the Forsaken Inn in LOTRO, the guy held in the goblin camp. He wants to find his father’s sword, but he also seems have “chase down and personally kill every goblin in Middle-earth” on his to do list as well.

    Clearly, self-preservation is not a high priority for some NPCs.

  2. It’s always nice when these guys with highly aggressive AI are also actually effective. City of Heroes was full of such would-be badasses who would mostly just bite off more than they could chew and get a bunch of extra aggro for the PCs. Of course, some of them were clearly INTENDED to be berserk kamikaze idiots, like the great Lt. Jenkins of Arachnos…

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