Lessons Unlearned

One of the resolutions I fail to keep is to stop answering questions.

“Does X do Y?”
“I don’t think it does.”

Asking a question seeking confirmation is not useful if you are going to ignore dis-confirmation. This goes for matters of fact or opinion. (I still have a place in my heart for people asking what is the best looking armor. Yes, let’s establish that objectively, this will be productive.) I have, at least, stopped arguing with them, or really with much of anyone. Once I have said my piece, and you have contradicted it, my re-contradicting you will not add anything. You are free to think I’m an idiot for disagreeing with you, and I am free to think you’re an idiot for asking a question when you have already decided which answer to accept.

: Zubon

The last sentence does not apply to your professors.

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