[BL2] Getting the Tone

The Slab King is probably the single best character for exemplifying the setting of Borderlands 2. He is needlessly violent, friendly and silly, occasionally profane, psychopathic, and devoid of introspection. He has cheerful stories about people he has killed with his bare hands. He shouts rants against Jack. He fails to understand worldviews beyond his own amusements. His plans involve punching people in the face, blowing things up, or ideally both at once. He will call you during missions with advice on how to look like more of a badass. He seems to view existence as an action movie, and the world supports him; after you follow his advice, someone immediately recognizes how badass that move was. He happily reminisces, “I’ve killed a lotta people.” He is brutal, petty, helpful, and loves dogs. He is too bloodthirsty for what passes for polite society in a bandit-infested wasteland, someone who thinks nothing of the deaths of his closest allies, one of your loyal allies, and one of the last hopes for the world.

It’s that kind of world.

: Zubon

You could expect some spoilers in the comments, except that we do not get comments on the non-MMO posts. I seem to write these for my own amusement.

4 thoughts on “[BL2] Getting the Tone”

  1. I read them, and enjoy them. But that’s because I’m not primarily an MMO-player I guess.

  2. I read ’em too…but then I’m at work and bored, poking around on the guildwars related sites. I am curious about Borderlands and thought about getting it.

  3. I suggest that the character that best gets the tone of BL2 is actually in the DLC–Torque, from his titular DLC. He holds a tournament in what he has named the ‘Badass Crater of Badassitude’. He makes explosion noises frequently. He is sending his own company’s grunts in to attack, because it’s more amusing. And despite all that, he’s somewhat Genre Savvy, with remarks like “IS IT JUST ME, OR DOES IT SEEM LIKE HE’S GOING TO BETRAY THE F**K OUT OF YOU?!” He swears enough to get beeped constantly–then in one of his messages, it’s revealed that that’s actually how he talks–his shareholders got sick of hearing him swear all the time, and had him implanted with technology to bleep him automatically.

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