7 thoughts on “[LotRO] F2P Dadaism”

  1. Can’t get angry at this experiment in F2P, because a hobby horse as a status symbol is just too absurd in a good way, which I thought was what you were meaning with dadaism, so dada is the french for hobby horse. Btw there is a cosmetic item for about €10 that lets your dwarf go shirtless, which is impossible otherwise with Lotro’s incredibly coy undergarments.

    I think it is also to combat the eternal problem of lifetimers, I’d reckon a lot of their customers no longer need to buy any expansions and hence it greatly affects their cash flow. Certainly a lot of european customers could avail of a cheap lifetime offer just before the F2P switchover, to be cynical it seemed like a parting shot from Codemasters. Any attempts to put in ridiculously over-priced items my response is always ‘that’ll be for the lifetimers’.

  2. I think what compounded the issue was not only the item itself and the price, but the attitude of the CM posting about it. There have been multiple condescending and almost rude posts made regarding this that have rubbed many the wrong way.

    The other thing that still is very interesting to me is that we haven’t heard a peep from Turbine regarding Rohan sales. At this point last year they were everywhere talking about Isengard’s success and it was launched after Rohan. I think that’s potentially a bigger problem then the “lifer issue.”

    1. I agree. I don’t think the lifer issue is “the problem”. I know quite a few lifers who have bought extra TP.

      RoR already went on sale though. I think not having anything group content probably hurt the expansion. A lot of people may have “tried” mounted combat on the test server.

      IOW, I think you got a really good point, Doc.

  3. Nothing wrong with a little whale hunting via cash shop status symbols, and frankly while the CM’s OP could have had a more productive tone, it really wasn’t out of line IMO.

    I’m just deathly afraid now that they’re going to take the infantile suggestions of “If you want me to pay $50 it better win me the game!” seriously. :(

  4. Sounds like it was 5000 just to put a price point in people’s minds. Now when they put it in the store for the real price they had all along (1000/2000 whatever) people will now compare it to the original 5000 and it won’t seem like such a bad deal.

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