…And Ye Shall Receive

In 2010, Ethic suggested that Tubrine bring back Asheron’s Call 2 under F2P. It’s not there yet, but there is a free beta available to Asheron’s Call 1 subscribers. Questions that spring to mind:

  1. Is any of the old AC2 team going to be on this project? A different set of developers yields a very different game. Granted, given the commercial success of the original, changes might not be a bad business idea.
  2. How do I go about reclaiming an Asheron’s Call account that has been lying fallow for perhaps a decade?

: Zubon
via Ethic via Massively

3 thoughts on “…And Ye Shall Receive”

  1. I’m not sure many of the AC2 team still work at Turbine. I know a couple of artists do, but all the designers and programmers I knew personally have moved on.

  2. When AC first came out, it ran on my mentally tricked out, 16MB -Voodoo 2 PIII machine. I caught my (ex) wife receiving inscribed in-game jewellery from some dude she met online. Poems and junk written on all her armor/trinkets/rings and what have you.

    It was a great game, then it wasn’t…

    /sad times.

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