Vote In The Second Annual Popehat “Censorious Asshat of the Year” Poll

Our friends at Popehat have a poll for you. This one is just the “online” part of “online gaming” that we cover here; I don’t think we have any really good anti-gaming attempts to censor free expression this year. Strong candidates include suing charities and knitting circles, a bomber who found a judge unaware that prior restraints on speech are not constitutional in the United States, and actual cases of governments sending men with guns ’round when they were unhappy with free expression.

Note that this is for asshattery rather than thuggery, as you’ll note several major government missing from the options. That would explain why several people who are just huge jerks are beating out actual government threats; the reigning champion as I type this combines both.

: Zubon

Saved for Friday, since you could spend a long while pursuing those links. Apologies for having linked to TV Tropes on a Monday before; I promise not to do it again until you least expect it.