[GW2] Signed Collector’s Edition Contest!

A great thing is in my presence. A beautiful thing that will, not for long, stand beside my desk. It is a sealed Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition signed by ArenaNet devs, and I have the sworn duty of giving it to a lucky soul according to my mad whims.


First, a big thanks to all the men and women of ArenaNet for sending this along to Kill Ten Rats. I can easily pick out a lot of signatures from some socially active developers (Twitter, official forums, etc.). It is a fine, fine collector’s piece for any Guild Wars 2 fan.

Well stop babbling, Ravious! How to get it!

Well first you can snag one from Syp over at BioBreak if you like using that snazzy new digital camera you got for Christmas. If you want the one pictured above, you have to draw a short comic about MMO memes (especially Guild Wars 2 ones).

The comic doesn’t have to be pretty. Stick figures in MSPaint are an excellent baseline. You can use in-game screenshots. Sketches on table napkins. Photoshop for you pros. The point is that while, yes, style is important, a clear joke is most important. A valid entry could be as follows:


To win, I would’ve probably wanted to clean it up a bit after I scanned it. Maybe add some color, but the point is there. Don’t be intimidated. Just create! I would suggest that the comics be on a PG-rating / local newspaper level. I would also suggest that the comic [mostly] be your own work. A Reddit/4chan comic of copy pasted memes is unlikely to win.

February 9th sounds like a decent date (thanks, Syp!) for entries to be emailed to killtenratscontest   (@T) gmail (D.T) com. I think I will also have some runners-up prizes too. I just have until 2/9/13 to see what I can come up with. Winning entries and notables will be re-posted here once the contest is over.

I also have to limit entries to U.S. and Canada, unfortunately.

Good luck!

10 thoughts on “[GW2] Signed Collector’s Edition Contest!”

  1. Noooooooooo! US / Canada only, again :'(

    Well, good luck to everyone – I’m curious to see what people will come up with ^^

  2. Be prepared, It’s a follow up of your joke. I just wanted to do that so badly.


    I like to follow things inappropriately to the word. I chose these words:
    “A valid entry could be as follows:”
    “Stick figures in MSPaint are an excellent baseline.”
    “…the comic [mostly] be your own work.”
    “Maybe add some color”

    I feel like I should apologize, but I also have Leonard in my head saying “Way to think outside, but pressed right up against the box!” But non-sarcastically. As well as Red from That 70’s Show saying “Smart*ss”, also non-sarcastically.

    1. Yes, this is indeed a great entry! Another good example of a clear joke. Kwiila just so I have all entries in one place can you please email it too.

  3. Kwiila, don’t apologize. Your joke made me laugh and is the perfect punchline for the original.

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