[GW2] Sunday Papers

On this lazy, rainy Sunday morning it’s nice to snuggle in with a good read. Have you checked out The Orrator? Long time MMO blogger, Steve “Slurms” Lichtsinn who has written and talked over at Multiplaying for some time has really found a genius node. I am really impressed because he really keeps on hitting really good faux-Tyrian articles that touch on current Guild Wars 2 memes and issues. I really like that he intersperses the articles with relevant ads. Definitely check it out.

If you are looking to get as creative as Slurms, there are now 5 ways to win 7 signed Collector’s Editions. I’ll just replug Syp’s contest since he is dutifully keeping tabs on the other MMO blog contests that pop up, and Guild Wars 2 Guru has 3 of them to give away too.

Also Borat kegbrawl. Is Happy Sunday, yes?


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  1. Not sure how something as entertaining and clever as The Orrator missed my radar, thanks for the plugs! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got an RSS Reader to pack full.

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