Quick Review: Costume Quest

I’m almost caught up on Double Fine PC games! I would totally play a game called “Middle Manager of Justice” if I had an i-whatever, although Ben Kuchera recommends against.

It’s Halloween, monsters took your sibling because s/he was dressed as a candy corn, and it’s up to you to save him/her as well as all that luscious candy. Collect candy, costumes, battle stamps, and trading cards. Also stop an otherworldly invasion.

When you battle the monsters, you take on the form of whatever costume you are wearing such as a robot, unicorn, or Statue of Liberty. Combat is set up with that JRPG feel but with quicktime events. They feel more forgivable as a means of attack than as the random crap they usually are, but they are still not fun. Per RPG standard, monsters level as quickly as you do, so almost all the fights in the game are the same fight apart from a couple of boss fights. It has long animations and not much strategy, so combat mostly feels like padding.

The interesting part is exploring the areas, talking to characters, and seeing what stuff there is. The puzzles are minimal, basically find the right spot (which will be pointed out) and use the right skill (which will be hinted). Exploration works similarly, with only a few optional items not explicitly pointed out by your characters.

Like Stacking, there is no voice acting. Lots of word bubbles. If your child is old enough to read, s/he is old enough to play; very family friendly, few buttons, low difficulty. The Steam version comes with the DLC, which is effectively Act IV. Total playtime of about nine hours for 100% completion.

: Zubon