[GW2] Forebode the February Update

ArenaNet comes out to say a couple days ago that the February update will not be the WvW update we all hoped. It’s disappointing, but like the January update, they are making the core game right for the long, long run. It sucks; I kick the dirt. But, wait. ArenaNet releases the product page for the February update shortly thereafter. Flame and Frost: The Gathering Storm.

in Flame and Frost: Prelude I railed on ArenaNet for correcting people’s expectations after the January update had dropped. I think this is setting up a much better information pattern. The fans have weeks of narrowed speculation. We know not to expect anything big for WvW. We do expect selectable Daily Achievements. There are still a lot of questions, but there are many weeks to fill in with blog posts on the smaller subjects.

What is a guild mission for example? Bounties to group puzzles to cross-country challenges, it says. But there is a lot left to explain. How does this effect small guilds? What are guild merits? What do they mean by “cross-country”? It’s still nice that ArenaNet is in a live development pattern to know further out that guild missions will be ready for the end of February. Inventory Full and The Egg Baron do a much better job breaking everything out and adding additional facts.

For Feburary, I see “more game” instead of just “more content”. Like Bhagpuss, I am not expecting any huge crush of content. I am expecting much more play from the new PvP map, guild content, and continuing on with daily achievements than this “gathering storm”. I find it interesting that with small changes in the systems and content, I am still playing much the same content as from launch and enjoying it. Perhaps one of the four Flame and Frost updates will have a crush of content; I just am not expecting it yet. Perhaps when it becomes a New Feature.


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  1. I think everything we have now is all we’re getting for the initial box purchase (though perhaps with more events/puzzles/minigames and such added to various maps. Personally, I’m not expecting any major new ‘content’ until GW2 releases a paid expansion pack. If I’m wrong I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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