[WS] Ark Questions

Like I said last week, Zubon and I are heading off to sunny California to participate in Arkship 2013. Arkship 2013 is going to be a pretty big gathering (30-40 people) where we will get to play the upcoming MMO, WildStar, and participate in dev panels on specific topics. There will be an NDA, but after the event, we will be able to talk about a lot of our experiences.

There was a crush of press feedback last week, and since today is WildStar Wednesday there might be another one today. I highly recommend checking out some of the links compiled by WildStar Central. If you just read one, I recommend Ten Ton Hammer’s write up From Beak to Butt.

Anyway, if you have questions regarding anything about the game. We will do our best to get them answered. Or let us know if there is an aspect of the game that has your attention. I think we are going to get a good amount of play time so we could try and focus in on that aspect. Either way, I am sure next week, and following, we will have plenty to say about WildStar.


3 thoughts on “[WS] Ark Questions”

  1. The only question I really have about Wildstar is why in the blazes they have a two-faction system.

    Isn’t this an idea whose time has passed? Having to split your PvE content development two ways so that half your game will be unseen and unappreciated by half of your playerbase and vice versa?

    I just don’t see the advantage in a PvE game. Every other example in the industry has eventually just shrugged it’s shoulders at the whole thing and taken steps to make it less important. RIFT did it, to City of Heroes/Villains did it, and even bloody WoW has done it, though admittedly not to the extent of the former two.

    I dunno, it just seems like a waste of resources these days.

  2. I would ask about the specifics of the engine they created for Wildstar. What I’ve heard of it so far sounds interesting, and I’d like to hear more. Thanks.

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