Ken at Popehat has developed his own online game:

The hardest game on the internet is one I call “C/S/T”, which is short for “Crazy, Stupid, Or Troll?” I like to think of it as a broader application of Poe’s Law. There are nuances to those categories — sometimes a troll is a performance artist, sometimes someone is not so much stupid as willfully ignorant — but the broad categories suffice.

… Occasionally someone is all three.

He goes on to cite some very challenging content recently added to the game:

Whoever is running the internet-threat operation… has certain defining characteristics — truculence, functional illiteracy, and a grasp of law cobbled together by listening to 13-year-olds swearing at each other on Xbox Live.

The nature of the game makes it difficult to Google for quest spoilers.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “C/S/T”

  1. My life has become a lot less frightening after I started assuming most of the stupid stuff I read is really a troll. It’s more comforting to me to there are trolls out there trying to be clever rather than believing some people really are that stupid or crazy…

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