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When you double-tap to dodge in Guild Wars 2, you are invulnerable while dodging. You evade attacks. The daily dodger achievement makes very clear a systematic oddity: the game only counts it as a dodge if the attack hits you and is evaded by the invulnerability mechanic. If you actually dodge the attack so that it does not hit you, that does not count.

Does much trigger off dodges beyond the achievement? It seems odd to have a dodge mechanic that rewards you for failing to actually dodge.

: Zubon

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  1. I can’t think of anything else that requires you to evade… Except several encounters that are much easier when you take advantage of the dodge invulnerability instead of trying to actually leave the area of attack. Subject Alpha comes to mind in that category.

    1. I’m just lv 30 as I started GW2 recently but dodge is seriously great for fighting some champions solo, you can kite forever but some have a pull move. I solo’ed some group events just by kiting and dodging. What’s silly is that I have to let myself get hit from time to time otherwise anti-glitch mechanic kicks in and champions start recovering HP.

      Wouldn’t know about that if it wasn’t for the dailies, yay.

  2. I assume the purpose of it is to make sure you dodge something instead of going to a city of your choice and pressing the button several times; I’m not sure whether it’s due to it not occurring to anyone before or whether the game actually can’t distinguish it.

  3. Well, if you dodge and don’t get an evade you could move instead and make them miss and save the dodge for something serious.

    Really smart tutorial – make players learn about dodge and then train them to dodge properly.

    There is a joke about WvW players that says “WvW players always dodge twice”.

    1. Except that it does the opposite. If you want to complete the achievement, you need to avoid just moving and making the attack miss. You don’t get credit for doing it right. The best way is to find something that fires multiple shots and then dodge into the line of fire. Players are being trained to dodge improperly because they don’t get an achievement if they only dodge properly.

  4. This has always been my issue with the dodge achievement. I AVOID damage, in that I move in a more preemptive fashion. Having to wait to get the evade is tiresome. I also have to change traits so that I don’t spawn clones. For me, it feels very contrived. Now that we have choices, the dodge daily will always be ignored.

    1. Bingo. Not to mention classes that thrive on getting Blocks and Misses or even teleporting around so as to, again, not be in the line of fire in the first place.

      1. It all depends on the content you play. Doing some dungeons/higher level fractals/world bosses can require you to ‘avoid damage’ but also to dodge when you have no other option. I’ll always do the dodge achievement because I fill it out more quickly than just about any other achievement. FYI, I’m a phantasm/crit mesmer and bleed/crit ranger.

  5. If you get the evade it is because you timed it right and maximized not only your DPS but also your defensive resources.

    And if you move and make them miss (which is very useful against hammer mobs) you’re maximizing your defensive resources.

    If you time it wrong you either dodge and get no evade (too early) or dodge and still get hit (too late).

    Dodging to early is bad resource management. Dodging too late is even worse. Players doing the daily will be punished by having to wait for endurance regen.

    Of course you wont see this in the open world pve but in Dungeons/Fractals and sPvP it will save not only yours but also your team bacon.

    Unfortunately some classes have weapons (like ranger greatsword and sword) that will auto-evade so people still have an easy shortcut.

    1. Dodging early is not necessarily bad resource management. First, if you’re fighting PvE, stopping attacks sooner is balanced by starting attacks sooner. Second, if you’re in PvP and enemy attacks aren’t to some degree timed to be dodgeable, you get it back sooner.

      1. Since the dodge in GW2 has an invulnerable component it is generally better to use it as so then as movement.

        When you don’t get the evade message the gamr is telling you could have done something else.

        There is no absolute rule due to the dynamic nature of GW2 combat.

  6. Dodging out of AoEs is effective for the achievement, as well as being good combat practice generally. AoEs can take a while to get out of, and often if you dodge out it’ll tick twice, which counts as two dodges.

    I’ve found that, through normal play, generally a couple of WvW zerg fights or one dungeon run is enough to get the daily dodge achievement. Most one-on-one fights don’t involve a lot of AoEs and generally you want to evade their attacks entirely rather than dodge at the last second. Jumping puzzles with environmental hazards like spike traps and flame jets are usually also good if you just want to grind it out.

  7. Anet decided to narrowly define what a successful ‘dodge’ is in GW2 – when you get the “evade” note on screen. The real skill is using it to avoid attacks that pull you back to your attacker, like a thiefs ‘Scorpion Wire’. There is no moving out of the way of that – thus Anet gives you ‘Dodge’.

  8. I’d be surprised if the reason for this oddity was because Anet think it’s the best way to use dodge. It’s more likely to have come about purely because it’s easier to detect an ‘evade’ in the code.

    1. The oddity is that they named the achievement “daily dodger” instead of “daily evader”.
      Or maybe not an oddity at all since even people that knew about dodge had never seen the “evade” message and thought it was new.

  9. I’d just like to say that having read this comment thread I have no idea what any of you are talking about. I just click on that dark yellow hemicircle in the middle of the screen and roll about.

    I do that in PvE or WvW and it seems to work fine. What it does or how it does it I have no idea nor much interest. Perhaps there are circumstances where doing it right or wrong, or well or badly matter, for a given value of “matter”, but I would imagine that for the vast majority of players of modern MMOs it really makes little difference.

    Even knowing there is a Dodge ability at all probably puts you in the minority. Being able to use it efficiently is the province of the true aficionado.

    1. You have also told us that you prefer for your team to lose, so your failure to care about game mechanics can only help you in your goals.

  10. I’ve found that dodging in/out/through a fire elemental’s little AoE lava eruption things works really well for getting the achievement, since you get about 4–5 ‘Evade’s per roll.

    And clicking the yellow energy bar to dodge? It never even occurred to me to try that. Then again I don’t click anything on my bars except to change skills.

  11. Elementalists have this trait, from the Wiki:

    Evasive Arcana

    Create an attunement-based spell at the end of your dodge. Each spell can be triggered once every 10 seconds.
    Fire: Flame Burst.
    Water: Cleansing Wave.
    Air: Blinding Flash.
    Earth: Churning Earth.

    Also, Churning earth is a Combo Blast Finisher

  12. Elementalists rely upon dodge to a great degree to avoid damage. There are several ways for the class to generate additional Vigor, which doubles Endurance recharge, which in turn is the attribute that is needed to dodge. There are also ways to fill up a large portion of the bar all at once on this and other classes as well.

    Dodge is in fact the #1 defensive ablility in the game based on its availability and effectivness. It is not just a skill for the pro-gamer. Hopefully many players who previously were not in the habit of using the ability will do so. They will find the game much easier.

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