1. I haven’t felt like playing that MMO in a while. I think I’ll boot it up and play a bit.
  2. Oh, updates, right.
  3. How long?!
  4. I’ll do other things now, let it update overnight. (sleep)
  5. (wake) Eh, not in the mood right now.
  6. (wait an indeterminate amount of time)
  7. (go to 1)

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “Loopy”

  1. That’s why I keep all my favorites updated even when I am not currently playing them. Also, all the good ones pre-load required assets in a couple of minutes so you can get in, then fill out the rest in the background while you’re figuring out what all those icons on your hotbar mean and trying to remember what you were doing last time you played.

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