12 thoughts on “[GW2] A Conversation (Comic)”

    1. They probably won’t let you. Jesus is blocked anyway, I think. ArenaNet does not accept religious references, they are even more strict in that regard than with anything else.

  1. My guardian has a skill I use a lot in which she calls out “Retreat!”. I always follow that up with a comment to my son playing next to me; “Don’t retreat.”

  2. I wonder how many people get that Zero Wing reference. “All your base are belong to us” is pretty well know, but “Fgj”… not so much.

  3. @Ethic – my Guardian has “Retreat!” and “Stand Your Ground!” next to each other on my set of skills (the third utility is “Hold The Line!” which doesn’t seem to come with a sound effect).

    My guild group are udsually left wondering WTF is going on when I decide to fire off ALL the buffs and my character yells “Stand your ground – retreat!”

    1. “Hold The Line!” is also one of my usuals, and my character once shouted “You shall not pass!”

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