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It was not a good morning to wake up to news that an online tool I rely on every day was being put to rest a few days before my birthday. On July 1st, Google Reader is going to be shut down. Syp and the commentators at Bio Break already have said everything I could, but I feel the need to echo it in some sense.

I rely on this integrated tool. Yes, I realize there are decent alternatives, but I have used Reader as part of my Google suite of tools. I have amazing brand loyalty because of these tools. I feel Google is harming this brand far more by shutting this down and pissing off many internet vocal people rather than jut getting some menial data and keeping Reader open.

I guess I have a few months to find a better RSS home.


10 thoughts on “Reader-less Google”

  1. Heyo! I actually intend to write a series of impression articles on RSS Feed reader alternatives to Google Reader on over the next few weekends.

    If you want me to let you know when an article is up, just drop me a line on Twitter: @vbarreirojr.

    -Victor “Stillwater” Barreiro Jr.

  2. I love the integration of it also, it’s pne of the reasons I wanted an Android phone. I suspect strongly that although it may not have had massive numbers of users, it powered a lot of media that did have a wider audience.

  3. Much, much discussion on Google+ about moving RSS feeds to Google+. If so, it would be brilliant and easily replace Reader with a far more robust platform.

    1. What Mekhios said. Plus, Google+ still needs to integrate communities better before they start adding more crap to it.

      Absolutely seems like a poor idea from Google. It may not have been big, but there were a lot of passionate fans. I think this is going to do real harm to Google’s reputation in some corners.

  4. You make a very good point about integration. Google was the one company who came close to offering everything you needed from the web all under one banner. No other company came close to offering the same variety of services. Peripheral services like iGoogle and Reader may not have been moneymakers in their own right but losing them does diminish Google considerably.

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