[WS] Overview Trailer

Carbine just published their newest trailer for WildStar. The announcer ping pongs in my head back and forth between epic and annoying, but for the most part I like it. The information is light, especially to fans that have been following the game. The important part, for me, is how much of the trailer is made using in-game footage. From bosses to in-game housing, things and mechanics are shown. Oh yeah, and warplots… I need to talk about those.

There are splashes of gameplay, but unlike some other upcoming MMOs, Carbine has not been coy about how WildStar plays. There are already official videos covering that aspect.

Cutting back to brass tacks, I feel like Carbine seems on a pretty good track to launching this year. They show snippits of a lot of systems in that trailer. Obviously they still have to face the tried and true Jacobs’ Rule of MMO Betas (better link here). Hopefully they can push forward with confidence in that regard.


2 thoughts on “[WS] Overview Trailer”

  1. The link in the link to Jacobs’ Rule is broken – directly pointing to DAOC board. Can you explain it ?
    PS : I love the commentaries about Aion being the next God. And of course Syncaine forecast its downfall ;-)

    1. I found a better link, thanks to Zubon who managed to quote the sucker.

      And yeah, Syncaine… I guess if you forecast the downfall of nearly every MMO (except Darkfall), you will be right some times. ;)

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